Helena Bonham Carter Commits “Criminal” Acts of Fashion


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Helena Bonham Carter likes to commit criminal fashion acts. Her wardrobe is right up there with some of the craziest, creepiest Hollyweirdos, and the Alice in Wonderland star considers it her responsibility to keep it that way.

In an interview with New York magazine, the 43 year-old actress says she is proud of the way her outfits drive everyone else crazy.

“I’m in the stocks perpetually here [in Britain] – [They all say] ‘What is she wearing now? How dare she?’ Like, criminal acts.”

“Now I feel like I have a reputation to keep,” she says. “I have a responsibility now to dress badly, so it’s kind of liberating.”

Carter plays the villainous Red Queen in her husband Tim Burton‘s upcoming adaptation of Alice in Wonderland , which also stars Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter. She’s gained attention for the strange ensembles she’s worn on red carpets in the past, and the upcoming Oscars are no exception.

‘I’ve got nothing to lose now,” she says, “so Vivienne Westwood and I have come up with something. It was basically a rough dress I was going to wear, made of canvas– the one they make before they make the proper dress. I said, ‘Can I just wear this?'”

‘They’re going to paint it and put some Alice objects in it. It’s going to be very fun. I hope it’s going to be fun, anyway.”

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