Heidi Klum’s QVC Jewelry Line, Anne Hathaway on Bazaar

Kerry Pieri

We’re advocates of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger!

The American Medical Association took a stance against Photoshop for promoting unrealistic expectations. I like it. [NYDN]

Anne Hathaway looks good on Bazaar, says about all that Oscars flack, “Anyone who disliked my personality probably disliked my personality before the Oscars.” Heh. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Rent the Runway is going to begin selling makeup through Lancme. Presumably, you can’t send it back after Prom. [Fashionista]

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Heidi Klum did a jewelry collection for QVC. It’s doesn’t look like Van Cleef this time. [WWD]


RT @Historyday History Day On this day in 1969 patrons at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in NYC, clashed with police beginning the gay rights movement. Such perfect timing, go NY State!

RT @IamMademoiselle SOS Glasto friend last seen sat on a Mexican rug, which may have been levitating. Only shelter she has is small piece of tarpaulin. Amazing, love the druggy tweets.

RT @AnnabelTollman Je love Beyonce. She leaves the house without trousers on a regular basis and has made it ok for ladies of a chunkier thigh to do micromini. Mmkay.

RT @victoriabeckham Congratulations New York same sex marriage finally legalized!!! Xx vb Word, VB, get Cali on it!

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