Heidi Klum On Managing Life, Multi-Tasking & Finding Closed Toe Shoes For the Met Ball

Jessica Rubin

Wednesday afternoon, my fellow editor Spencer Cain and I ventured to the Hudson Hotel for a little lunch with Heidi Klum and the folks at QVC. The occasion? Klum’s newest collection of jewelry for QVC, called Wildlife by Heidi Klum. As we sat down for some dainty bites in a penthouse at the Hudson Hotel, we played with the jewelry sprawled across our table and awaited Klum’s arrival.

Suddenly a breathless, tall and flawless Heidi Klum clicked her way into the room and, with all eyes on her, explained that a fellow passenger on her red eye flight had mistakenly taken her suitcase home, leaving Klum with no clothes  (other than her traveling outfit, which she explained with horror in her voice that she simply could not wear to this important lunch).

heidiiiii1 Heidi Klum On Managing Life, Multi Tasking & Finding Closed Toe Shoes For the Met Ball

Of course, being Heidi Klum, she had the situation sorted out — all it took was one hour, one phone call and a visit from Michael Kors. Natch. But when the German supermodel took a seat at our table, we just had to know how this multi-tasking model slash mom slash all around very important person found the secret to handling all of life’s curve balls so gracefully.

Turns out Klum is just like every other mom. She makes schedules and actually sticks to them. She has resigned herself to a life full of multi-tasking and adjusting. And of course, she recognizes that as a member of the fashion industry, she’s existing within the realm of a fun world, or as she said, “a fantasy world.”

Not that fashion doesn’t come with its own share of hazards. Klum will be spending the summer in closed toe shoes since she broke off two toe nails. But what about the Met Ball, you ask? Well, when Escada is making you a custom lace dress and you’ve hunted down the perfect pair of Swarovski studded heels to go along with it, there isn’t much reason to worry.

So if you were hoping for a couple of secrets that would help you figure it all out, you won’t get them here. But at least you can sleep easy knowing that even those on top get frazzled and take their days one minute at a time.

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To check out Heidi showcasing the new pieces in her collection, tune in Thursday, May 17th on QVC.com!