Heidi Klum: Project Runway Star Walks Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 6 Weeks After Baby


Just six weeks after giving birth, Heidi Klum strutted her eternally long legs down the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway. Her catwalk debut surprised everyone; Hedi was originally just scheduled to host the event. She kept the secret well, telling the press that there is less pressure “when you don’t shake your booty in front of millions around the world.”

Heidi’s slow, sultry walk last night was less of a booty shake and more of a lingerie queen enjoying the return to her throne, which had the crowd going wild when she appeared. Strapped tight in a forest green corset and skirt made of tulle dandelion puffs, she made Mother Nature and mother of four look sexier than ever.

On her post-birth baby weight, Klum said, “I embrace that I have more curves right now,” then added she still has 20 pounds to lose. Heidi, the whole world is embracing those curves right along with you. Don’t change a thing.


The queen leading her gorgeous royal subjects


We love you too!