Heidi Klum Dishes on Her Other Favorite Holiday

Stephanie Nolasco for Fox News Magazine

heidi klum christmas qvc 08 Heidi Klum Dishes on Her Other Favorite HolidayWhen it comes to holidays, Heidi Klum is best known for being the queen of Halloween, thanks to her extravagant costumes and star-studded parties. But the statuesque supermodel gets just as festive for Christmas.
The 40-year-old, along with her four children, recently picked out not one, but six evergreen trees in Beverly Hills. And that’s only the beginning, she says. As a fan of personal publishing service Shutterfly, the German beauty says she loves transforming her home into a winter wonderland with handmade keepsakes and creative décor. But how does she keep up with all the festivities and still look runway-ready with ease?
FOX News Magazine chatted with Klum about her not-so-secret love for Christmas, picking out perfect presents without emptying your wallet, as well as some of her guilty pleasures. Hint: they’re probably yours, too.
FNM: Everyone knows you for being the queen of Halloween, but few are aware that you’re just as festive when it comes to the holiday season. How does a busy supermodel and mom, like yourself, get ready for the holidays?
HK: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! My kids love dressing up and decorating the house as much as I do. We are big fans of getting into the spirit of things no matter what holiday it is. After Halloween, I take down all of the fake spider webs, pumpkins, and skeletons and replace them with wreaths, reindeer, and all kinds of Christmas ornaments. My family and I are very big on decorating and we like to go all out—it makes things much more festive and fun! It’s an activity we do together and we always have a lot of laughs while decorating. There is nothing better than walking into a home decorated in holiday cheer.
FNM: What are some major dos and don’ts when it comes to buying gifts?
HK: I think that the best gifts come from the heart. When I am shopping for gifts I always try and find something that the other person has an interest in, or something that resembles my relationship with that person. There is something special about giving and receiving gifts that are personal and meaningful.
FNM: How can one buy beautiful gifts for loved ones without overspending?
HK: Honestly, the best gifts are the ones that show that you really put thought in them. My children always make the most amazing gifts. For my 40th birthday, they did these beautiful casts of their hands. They painted them and put them in a shadow boxes. It’s my favorite piece of art in the house! Great gifts for kids to make for grandma and grandpa are mugs or having beautiful canvases of their art made from Shutterfly. Another great gift is to do a photo book of all of your favorite pictures from the year with that person or a calendar with your art or photos for every month.
FNM: I read you’re a big fan of Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe.’ What is it about this album that, for you, makes a great stocking stuffer?
HK: My kids and I love a dance party. We put on Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, or Rihanna and just let loose. Music always makes a great gift. If you want to give the gift of iTunes, I love creating playlists for people with my favorite music already on it. It gives it a personal touch, which I like.
FNM: Speaking of the holiday season, many people will be gearing up for their New Year’s resolution. Have you thought about yours?
HK: Last year my resolution was to make more fresh squeezed juices with fruits and vegetables. We did it as a family and it’s become a fun morning activity for us. All of the kids drink their smoothies and I know they are at least starting their day in a healthy way. I don’t always know if they eat what’s in their lunch box! I haven’t decided what my next resolution will be, but I am definitely going to stick with the smoothies. When you eat healthy you feel better on the inside and out.
For more on how Klum celebrates Christmas visit FOX News Magazine.
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