Heather Locklear: Melrose Place Ratings Up


A surefire way to raise a TV show’s ratings is to fire Ashlee Simpson and replace her with someone who was on the original, much more successful, version of the same show! This was sort of the case with Melrose Place (did not mean for that to rhyme), when Heather Locklear was re-introduced as her old scandalous Place character, Amanda Woodward.

The ratings, while they didn’t exactly skyrocket, did get a little boost, with 1.5 million viewers–a 20 percent increase from last week. The spike came mostly from women ages 18-34, most likely old Melrose Place fans, and girls who were happy not to see Ashlee Simpson anymore. Ironically, the ratings of the original Melrose Place increased when Locklear was hired.

We guess there’s just something about our favorite Dynasty blonde…