Heartbreak Hotel


Starting tonight, through January 6, “guests” of the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan (that memorable white swirl of a structure) will be checking in for an overnight stay in Revolving Hotel Room, a work of art created by artist Carsten Höller.

The new exhibit is a hotel room you can rent out in the museum—you hear that, Ben Stiller?—that allows you to have the entire museum to yourself for the whole night.  Can we say “romantic”?

During the day the hotel room will be on view as part of the Guggenheim’s theanyspacewhatever exhibition, which runs from October 24, 2008–January 7, 2009. At night, the art installation becomes an operative hotel room outfitted with luxury amenities.

Like your other hotels, motels, Holiday Inns, what have you, rates do not include taxes, gratuities, or incidental charges. You hear that, Johnny Depp?

Unfortunately, the event is sold out, so start buttering up your lucky friends for that spot on the bed.

Not a bad room if you can book it.