Hear It First: Lost Songs From Radiohead & The Doors

Jessica Rubin

There are few things better than uncovering a never-before-heard song from one of your all time fave bands. Radiohead and The Doors are both famous for their melodious tunes and cult followings (no shame, we’re including ourselves in their illustrious fan bases).

So get ready for some giddy jumping-up-and-down, dancing alone in your room happiness. If you scroll on down you’ll be able to feast your eyes and ears on not one, but two unreleased Radiohead tracks from the 1986 demo tape that also featured ‘Everybody Knows’ and ‘Girl (In The Purple Dress).’

For a little Doors magic, head over to their Facebook page, make sure you click the like button, and then check out a preview of the song ‘She Smells So Nice,’ which will officially hit radio waves tomorrow.