5 Premixed Cocktails That Actually Aren’t Terrible for You

5 Premixed Cocktails That Actually Aren’t Terrible for You
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When I told some colleagues that I planned to hunt down and publish the best genuinely healthy premixed cocktails, the general response was “yeah, those don’t exist.” Um, they certainly do.

As someone who generally sticks to a (preferably strong) vodka, club soda, lemon routine whenever I’m drinking anything other than wine, the realm premixed cocktails has never interested me. Why let all that sugar and all those artificial ingredients interfere with the joys of drinking? But! Companies have been catching on, and there are a handful making low calorie, all-natural cocktails that require you to chill a bottle and pour over ice. Hell, some are even organic.

So before you buy a bottle of vodka and some seltzer to pre-game this afternoon—or worse, a syrupy container of supermarket daiquiri mix—try this: Five of our favorite healthy premixed cocktails available to buy right now. Cheers!

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Miami Cocktail Co. Copper Pot Margarita

This margarita is organic, all-natural, and very, very tasty. It's made with hand-harvested, organic blue agave piñas that are baked in brick ovens and pressed for their juice to make agave wine. Then, they mix in natural, organic lime juice and a splash of orange juice. Sounds delightful, right? If you're not a marg person, the brand also has bottled sangria and mimosas/

Smirnoff Vodka Mojito

Rather than adding artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup, like some premixed cocktails, Smirnoff's ready-to-drink mojito is only sweetened by the addition of a liqueur.

Bacardi Classic Cocktails Piña Colada

Bacardi's lighter take on the Pina Colada has just 95 calories for a four-ounce serving.

Skinnygirl Cocktails Mojito

Why make a mojito from scratch when this premix has averages about 100 calories and four grams of sugar per four-ounce serving.

Bacardi Classic Cocktails Mojito

Bacardi's ready-to-drink mojito is super-light, coming in at 95 calories for a four-ounce serving.

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