7 Surprisingly Healthy Meals to Order at Chain Restaurants

Leah Bourne
7 Surprisingly Healthy Meals to Order at Chain Restaurants
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With more and more of us consuming every one of our meals on the go, eating healthy can seem like a bit of an uphill battle, especially if we rely on fast food restaurants.

The New York Times just came out with a pretty comprehensive guide for how to eat healthier when dining out, and we suggest stealing some of their tips and tricks: Be mindful of how much bread you’re eating, how big of a portion you’re consuming, the extras calories you might not think about like dressings on sandwiches, stay away from sweetened drinks which can be just as packed with calories as solid food, and most importantly, be aware of how many calories you’re consuming (and ask to be sure).

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Ultimately, it’s quite possible to eat a fast food meal that’s under 750 calories, about one-third of the recommended amount that an adult is supposed to consume in a day.

Here, seven healthy meals from fast food and casual restaurant chains from Subway to Olive Garden that fit the bill. Read on, then head over to The New York Times to read the complete story.

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WENDY’S: Asian cashew chicken salad (380), Club soda (0), Junior Chocolate Frosty (200)=580 calories.

OLIVE GARDEN: Chicken Marsala with potatoes (half portion, 455), salad with house dressing (140), red wine (150)=745 calories.

STARBUCKS: Whole-grain oatmeal, with half of brown sugar packet and toppings (385), tall cappucino with 2 percent milk (90)=475 calories.

DENNY’S: Fit Slam with egg whites with spinach, turkey bacon, an English muffin and fruit (390), black coffee (0)=390 calories.

DUNKIN' DONUTS: Egg and cheese on English muffin (240), iced coffee with cream (100)=340 calories.

CHIPOTLE: Burrito bowl with steak, black beans, brown rice, sour cream, lettuce and mild salsa (655), soda water (0)=655 calories.

SUBWAY: Six-inch roast beef sandwich with vegetables and mustard on multigrain flatbread (330), Baked Lays (130), Diet Fuze Tea (0)=460 calories.

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