Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Make with Your Man


[Image: Creative Commons]

Sometimes it’s much easier to be motivated to make a drastic lifestyle change when you know that you’ve got backup. After all, sometimes two heads are better than one. That’s why enlisting a boyfriend or girlfriend to accompany you in making lifestyle changes can help make your plans for a healthy overhaul finally stick. Below is a list of healthy and fun activities to share with your significant other.

1. Go Grocery Shopping Together

He doesn’t know how to cook, and you’re prone to fad diets that don’t last. Instead of attempting to totally re-haul the way you eat, why not tackle the basics first? Instead of giving the responsibility of grocery shopping to one person, go for it together. It’s the perfect opportunity to take control of what you eat and spend time with your partner while planning romantic and healthy meals together.

2. Join a Gym Together or Share a Personal Trainer
If you’ve been meaning to change your exercise regime but haven’t found the motivation, here’s your chance. It can be hard to attain a level of self-discipline that fuels a habitual exercise program. However, exercising with your partner may decrease your aversion. It can be as simple as setting aside time to hit the gym together each week or signing up for a class. What’s most important is figuring out a routine or deciding on an activity that works best for the both of your schedules. Check out your local gym to see if you can score any sort of reduced-priced membership or discount for signing two people up at once.

3. Quit Bad Habits
For the majority of people, it’s nearly impossible to break bad habits. If you enlist the help of your significant other, however, the challenge won’t seem so daunting. Maybe you’ve been thinking about giving up smoking or cutting back on your alcohol intake. Set up a “rewards system” in which both you and your partner can hold each other accountable. Just as good habits are easier to maintain with a partner, breaking bad ones become that much easier as well. Reward consistency by treating each other to a special dinner date if you both achieve your goals.

4. Talk Your Guy Into Joining a Dance Class/Yoga Class
Does your man seem to have two left feet? Convince him to join a dance class. Not only will you burn calories, but you’ll be able to look forward to something other than the routine of the gym. Who knows– he may not turn out to be the next Justin Timberlake, but maybe he’ll have the confidence to bust a few moves next time you go to the club. Not feeling the idea of dancing? Why not try yoga? After all, not only is yoga a great way to de-stress, but it can also increase your flexibility. You know what that means…

5. Try Vegeterian Food Together
If you and your significant other are hardcore meat lovers, take a chance and try vegetarian food together for the first time. Go online and check out some of the best-rated local vegan/vegetarian restaurants in your area. If you’re feeling a little daring, test your combined culinary skills and pick out some recipes to cook together at home.

6. Go Shopping for New Workout Clothes
What girl doesn’t love shopping? If you’re thinking about switching up your workout routine, then you’re probably going to need some workout gear, right? This is one shopping trip that your guy won’t mind. Buying new workout clothes will boost your motivation to actually put them to good use. Plus, your guy will follow you anywhere (including the gym) in those tight leggings.

7. Walk to Work Together
Here’s a quick and painless way to kick-start your exercise regime– walk to work together. According to Runner’s World, men burned about 88 calories from walking (approximately one mile on a treadmill) and women burned about 74 calories more. Make this morning ritual your chance to spend quality time together so that you start associating exercise with positive memories. Pretty soon, you’ll never want to hop in the subway again.

8. Get a Dog
Not only will a new pooch bring you closer together, but it will force you to get active. The amount of new activities you can add to your repertoire by getting a pet will be endless. Go hiking, jog around the park, or just take long walks with your new threesome to get in that extra daily calorie burn.

9. Take Up a New Sport Together
Go it alone by taking up a sport built for two like tennis or squash– where a little healthy competition will just make you work harder. Or join an intramural league for adults to play soccer, volleyball, or even dodgeball through organizations like ZogSports, which will introduce you to new neighborhood pals while letting that team camaraderie bring you even closer.

10. Kiss, Kiss and Kiss Some More
What could be more fun than getting fit during a little make-out session? Studies show that you burn about 10 calories for every 10 minutes of smooching. Plus, if you can really get your hearts racing, then you’ll both get quite the cardiovascular workout as well. It may or may not be easier to talk your boyfriend into than dance lessons.