Headband 101: 4 Very Modern Ways To Wear The Hair Accessory This Fall

Perrie Samotin
Headband 101: 4 Very Modern Ways To Wear The Hair Accessory This Fall
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You might think headbands are best reserved for your 10-year-old cousin or fictional prissy characters like Reese Witherspoon in “Election” or Leighton Meester in “Gossip Girl,”  but the truth is, the right headband can actually make an outfit look extremely cool.

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The first rule to making a headband work for you is to stay far away from perfectly groomed hair. In fact, most look better on tresses that are a little messy. The second rule? Expand your definition of a headband. Yeah, those plastic U-shaped devices still exist, but today’s headbands are so much more that that.

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Still not convinced? Between dainty skinny headbands that look super-elegant with a bun, thick wool headbands to wear in place of a hat this winter, or a scarf twisted into a headband, there are plenty of options to suit even the most fashion-forward tastes.

To give you a better idea, we rounded up 4 very modern ways to wear the hair accessory!

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The scarf headband. There's about a hundred different ways to tie a scarf around your head, yet it always manages to add a dose of cool to any look. Choose an all-black scarf like the above for a sleeker take, or a printed silk scarf for a dedicedly more boho turn. The beauty of this style is that it looks equally as fabulous on long or short hair. 

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The understated foliage headband.Yeah, most flower crowns aren't super-practical unless you're partying at Coachella, but when worn in an understated way, they can add a touch of uniqueness to your look. Search for versions that feature dainty leaves or small flowers, and rock with a messy updo or loose waves for a night out or to a dressy event. 

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The super-skinny headband. The trick here is taking a skinny headband—whether it's a stretchy elastic-style band or a regular arc shape—and adding it to a sleek bun. This looks looks extremely chic and pulled together, and can be worn during the day, or at night. 

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The winter headband. When the weather really cools down, try swapping that ubiquitous slouchy beanie for a thick wool, knit, or crocheted headband. Not only will it keep you toasty, but it looks really, really cool.

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