This Is What HBO Has To Say About That ‘Game of Thrones’ Remake Petition

Game of Thrones
Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO.

If there are any Game of Thrones fans out there who still hoped that the series could be redeemed from its terrible final season, it’s time to give up. HBO reacted to the Game Of Thrones Season 8 remake petition and their answer is NOPE.

The final season of Game of Thrones finished airing all the way back in April. It feels like forever ago now, and you may have blocked it from your memory because it was truly awful. People literally could not stop talking about how terrible and disappointing it was, and for once, every single fan agreed. 

Someone even started a petition to remake Season 8, and while we all knew that it was definitely never going to work, 1.7 million people signed it anyway. Because hey, shoot for the moon, right? Even if you miss, an HBO boss will release a statement acknowledging your concerns. HBO’s programming chief, Casey Bloys, gave his official stance on the petition at a press tour event:

“There are very, very few downsides to having a hugely popular show, but one I can think of is when you try to end it, many people have big opinions on how it should end,” Bloys said. “The petition shows a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the show, but it wasn’t something that we seriously considered.”

He added that HBO had minimal input on the season. Instead, it was in the hands of showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: “When a show is in its sixth, seventh or eighth season, by that point there’s usually a rhythm between showrunners and the network as to what they expect.” 

Despite fans’ opinions, the show still dominated the 2019 Emmy nominations with a record-breaking 32 nominations total. We’re also getting a prequel series, so there is something to look forward to.