Harry Styles Wearing a Sheep-Patterned Sweater Vest Is Making Me Feel a Lot of Things

Maggie Griswold
Harry Styles Wearing a Sheep-Patterned Sweater Vest Is Making Me Feel a Lot of Things
Photo: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

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Nothing quite compares to my love for Harry Styles. Not only does the singer bless my ears every single time he opens his mouth, but his sartorial excellence is far from matched by anyone. So, of course, when Harry Styles’ sweater vest street style look flew in front of my eyes on Tuesday night, I had some feelings. Frankly, Harry Styles would look good wearing the most ridiculous ensemble known to man (or, say, a plastic trash bag). The singer can find some way to make any outfit look intentional and fashionable. This is true even for a sheep-covered sweater vest. Yes, you read that correctly. Harry Styles headed out to dinner in New York wearing a sweater vest covered in images of sheep. How does the singer actually look good in this vest? I wish I knew the answer.

I’m sure we can all agree that if we saw this vest hanging on a rack in a store, we’d go nowhere near it. I truly cannot think of anyone to whom I would give this vest—except maybe Harry Styles, who apparently already owns it. So, I want us all to just take a moment to soak in the full ensemble. Breathe it all in. Look at the dark navy pinstriped pants. Focus on the contrasting stripes of Styles’ button down. Finally, let your eyes rest on the sheep-covered sweater vest. Take a deep breath. Accept the look. Count the sheep. There’s a lot to take in right now, but we’re all doing great.

Seriously, how does my sweet, sweet angel baby Haz look so handsome in this vest? In my fantasies, I’m always walking down the aisle toward Harry, about to get married to the former One Direction member—but something has changed. Now, he’s wearing this sweater vest, and for some reason, I find it charming. Harry Styles can officially do nothing wrong sartorially, and I will defend his right to wear sheep vests until the day I am taken from this Earth. (Too dramatic? I don’t care!) Harry Styles’ fashion choices are, and will always be, perfect. Full stop.