Harry Styles Revealed Why He Turned Down Portraying Prince Eric In ‘The Little Mermaid’ & Ugh

Aramide Tinubu
Harry Styles
Photo: Getty Images.

First the hair and now this! Harry Styles revealed his Little Mermaid rejection reason, and we’re only mildly satisfied. After Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel in Disney’s forthcoming live-action version of The Little Mermaid–rumors began swirling about who would become Prince Eric. There was buzz for a time that One Direction alum would step into the hunky prince’s shoes, and for a second it even looked like things were official. Unfortunately, in the final hour, Harry turned down the role.

But why sir?! Why would you do this to us? At the time, there was no reason given as to why Harry turned down the role. However, in a recent interview with The Face–he confirmed that he was in talks for the role and told us all why he broke out hearts. He explained, “It was dis­cussed. I want to put music out and focus on that for a while.”

So there you have it. The “Ever Since New York” singer might not be making our Disney dreams come true, but he will be giving us some new tunes. It’s been two years since he debuted his solo album, Harry Styles–so we guess we can accept this for now.

Even though he won’t be Prince Eric–Harry did praise Halle Bailey and the entire cast of The Little Mermaid. “Every­one involved in it was amaz­ing, so I think it’s going to be great. I’ll enjoy watch­ing it, I’m sure,” he said.

Also, just because Harry won’t be in this film doesn’t mean he won’t be on the big screen ever again. He said, “Why do I want to act? It’s so dif­fer­ent to music for me.”  He added, ​”They’re almost oppo­site for me. Music, you try and put so much of your­self into it; act­ing, you’re try­ing to total­ly dis­ap­pear in who­ev­er you’re being.”