Harry Styles Has Us Convinced That His Second Album Is On The Way—Our Bodies Are Ready

Harry Styles.
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Where has Harry Styles been, you ask? Well, it appears he might have just been working on some new music. Or at least planning his inevitable comeback. This latest fan theory clue suggests Harry Styles’ new album is on its way. It’s been a whole two years since we were given the gift of Styles’ solo album, which quickly reached #1 on Billboard charts. Obviously. Now, some fans are convinced we’re going to be treated to some new music, and possibly even his second album, based on these clues.

Basically, Styles was spotted shooting what looks like a music video in Cancun, Mexico on August 4. Apparently, his reps attempted to call this a commercial for Mayo. Riiightt. As if one of the biggest pop stars of our generation would appear in a Mayo commercial wearing a sparkly shirt, high-waisted bellbottoms and suspenders. OK OK. It’s possible. But we like the fans’ solution better—music video for new music!

And if there’s a music video, that means there must be a song to go along with it. Needless to say, we are extremely stoked about this, and fans are truly going wild. The internet isn’t sure what to do with themselves, as there is really no way to prepare oneself for the coming of an incredible amount of new music from one of your favorite artists

“I am not okay. Harry Styles might be filming a music video. HS2 IS COMING,” one fan wrote on Twitter, sharing the photos of Styles on set.


Another fan was more focused on Styles’ outfit. “Not only is Harry Styles in cancun, but he’s there shooting a MUSIC VIDEO wearing a sparkly blue outfit with Suspenders and white Heeled boots supposedly taking inspiration from david. bowie’s ziggy stardust era?????? LIKE i think i’m having an aneurysm!?” they wrote.

One fan is convinced that, based on his outfit and location of the shoot, Styles’ new music might incorporate some Latin influence. “We’re about to get a new music video of Harry probably singing/speaking in spanish since it was filmed in mexico and it has a latino style theme,” they tweeted. Could his new lyrics be something like, “I love it when you call me Señor!” No? Just us?

While Styles hasn’t officially announced anything, he did send out a super thankful tweet on the two year anniversary of his self-titled debut solo album. He wrote, “Two Years. Thank you for everything.I love you, truly. H #HS2Year.”

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