Harry Styles Is Rumored to Play Mick Jagger in New Rolling Stones Movie



Harry Styles is rumored to be playing Mick Jagger in a new flick about the Rolling Stones. According to reports, the One Direction hottie will take on the role while enacting the making of the band’s album, Exile on Main St., which it recorded back in 1972.

Styles is only 22, and Jagger was about to hit 30 when the album was made, but there’s a strong argument for why Harry would be perfect for the gig. Aside from the fact that both musicians know what it’s like to send a room of teenaged girls into a veritable frenzy, there’s a strong physical resemblance between the two Brits, especially before the 1D star cut his long hair (and nearly caused riots in high schools and colleges across the country). Plus, Harry’s got charisma with a capital C, just like the iconic Stones frontman.

Mick Jagger performing with the Rolling Stones, circa 1980.

Mick Jagger performing with the Rolling Stones, circa 1980. Getty Images

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Called “Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell,” the movie will reportedly be directed by “Downton Abbey” director Andy Goddard and will be released in winter.

If the speculation’s true, this would be Styles’s second movie role after it was announced in March that he was joining Christopher Nolan’s World War II action-thriller “Dunkirk.”