Harry Styles Turned Down Disney’s Live-Action ‘The Little Mermaid’—UPDATE

Harry Styles.
Photo: Image: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

Say hello to the new face of Disney! Harry Styles’ The Little Mermaid Prince Eric casting has been revealed, so fans everywhere can rejoice!  The former One Direction band member was rumored to be in talks for the role of the dashing Prince Eric in Disney’s next live-action remake of a fan-favorite. In a now-deleted tweet (not sure what that’s about), AMC tweeted that the British heartthrob had officially signed on to the production as of August 13. Now, we’re not sure with all of this stands since the tweet was deleted. But we’re guessing it must be true~hoping it must be true~and that someone leaked the news just a bit prematurely.

So how does Styles fit into The Little Mermaid world? Well, his vocal chops will definitely shine. Although, Prince Eric doesn’t technically have any songs in the original animated film. But if Disney has, in fact, followed through on casting Styles, it would make the film far more likely to be music-centric.  While the original 1989 film featured no singing from Prince Eric, that was changed for the Broadway musical in the early 2000s. They wrote music for Prince Eric’s character, including two solos. And we’d feel truly blessed if we could hear the “Meet Me Halfway” singer serenade us with the solo, “Her Voice.”

So keep your eyes peeled for any more updates from the 25-year-old singer—hopefully he’ll be updating his fans about his exciting new project soon.


Twitter cannot handle this news.


Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, it looks like the internet jumped the gun with our Prince Eric excitement. According to Variety, Styles just turned down the role of Prince Eric in Disney’ The Little Mermaid, and we’re more than a tad distraught. However, Disney is reportedly going to make a new casting announcement soon.

We aren’t the only ones in shambles.