Harry Styles’ New Album Finally Has A Release Date & Weirdly Enough, It Involves Taylor Swift

Kim Wong-Shing
Harry Styles
Photo: Shutterstock.

Sit down, plant both feet on the ground, and take a DEEP breath. The release date of Harry Styles’ new album Fine Line has finally dropped, and wow, we don’t even know where to begin with this whirlwind of an announcement. Maybe the fact that his album comes out on his ex Taylor Swift’s birthday? Yeah.

Harry Styles has been teasing his new album for a while. On October 5, he tweeted the cryptic phrase: “Do.” Over the next few days, posters appeared all over the world with the question “Do you know who you are?” on them, and they were signed with “TPWK,” which stands for “Treat People With Kindness,” a phrase that appears on Harry’s merch. Sure enough, he later released a single called “Lights Up” with the lyrics “Do you know who you are?” in them.

Then, on Sunday, Harry tweeted a link to Doyouknowwhoyouare.com. At first, this site provided fans with personalized messages from Harry. But this time, the site gave everyone the same message: “You are patiently waiting for something to happen.” He was obviously referring to his heavily anticipated new album.

Today, Harry finally announced the title and release date of that album. Fine Line comes out on December 13. Cue the sound of a million fans furiously typing that date into their phone calendar.

It’s already huge news that fans finally have a new album to look forward to after two years. But upon closer inspection, there’s another extremely noteworthy detail about this announcement. Fine Line drops on December 13, and that’s Taylor Swift’s birthday. You know, Harry’s ex Taylor Swift?

Harry and Taylor reportedly dated from October 2012 to January 2013. Though their relationship was short-lived, it’s still one of both Harry’s and Taylor’s most-discussed pairings. Several songs from Taylor’s album 1989 are supposedly about Harry, including “Style” and “Two Ghosts.” The two seem to have ended on amicable terms, judging by how they’ve talked about each other post-breakup. In 2017, for example, Harry called it a “learning experience.” He was only 18 when they started dating, after all!

While the October 13th release date could be a complete coincidence, that’s a little hard for fans to believe. We only have one question for Harry: What the heck is going on?