Harry Styles Attended BLACKPINK’s Concert After Following Jennie on Instagram

Harry Styles
Photo: Getty Images.

Harry Styles has been flying under the radar lately, not really attracting too much attention. But it turns out, the former One Direction band member is a fan of K-pop. Harry Styles attended BLACKPINK’s concert. This video shows the former pop star listening intently as the girl group performed. April 17 was their first date on the United States leg of BLACKPINK’s world tour and Styles was along for the ride. Although the arena was packed, fans still spotted him and captured footage of the 25-year-old enjoying the concert.

Twitter exploded when people found out Styles was in attendance. Apparently the singer recently followed one of the K-pop group members on social media. He followed Jennie on Instagram which immediately sparked romance rumors. Ahh. Social media. We hate it. We love it. But aside from a possible fling, fans are more hopeful that a collaboration might be in the works. It’s been two years since Styles released his first solo album and fans are itching for new music from the English crooner. A collaboration with BLACKPINK could be just the thing to catapult the K-pop band to international stardom and kickstart Styles’s next era. There’s something to be said for two famous but separate artists (/bands) working together.

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement over seeing Styles in the crowd.  “Jennie Kim really have this power of making Harry Styles come to a blackpink concert,” one enthusiastic fan wrote. “A freaking kpop concert.” Another person added, “Harry Styles went from following Jennie on Instagram to actually going to their concert, if we get a picture of them I’m afraid I might not make it.” LOL. Same, girl, same.

Peep Styles in the grey beanie.