Harry Potter the Next Sylvia Plath?


Remember when you were, like, 15, and no one understood you and your torn-up Converses so you scribbled angst-y poetry into a marble notebook and hid it from your mom? Now imagine all that…but you’re Harry Potter.

It was revealed today that Daniel Radcliffe has been submitting poetry to RUBBISH Magazine under the pseudonym Jacob Gershon. Supposedly, after having published four of his works, Radcliffe revealed his true identity to the British lit hardback. Jenny Dyson, Editor and Creative Director of RUBBISH, says that Radcliffe “conjures up the zeitgeist, touching on celebrity, fame, and relationships in a playful, knowing way.”

We knew the kid was deep, having had to get nekkid with horses and fight He Who Should Not Be Named and all, but damn. We’d trade our unicorn hair wand and our mail-carrying owl friend for a glimpse into his use of rhyme and diction any day.

Oh, Daniel. We’ll sip espresso and shop at Hot Topic with you. (Well, maybe not the Hot Topic part.)