Too Hot to Handle’s Harry & Beaux Just Revealed if They’re Still Together After Lana’s Finale Twist

Harry, Beaux, "Too Hot to Handle"
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Warning: Too Hot to Handle season 3 spoilers ahead. Since the most recent season ended, fans have had one question: are Harry and Beaux still together after Too Hot to Handle season 3 or did their relationship end after they left the retreat (and Lana.)

Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond are two of 12 contestants on Too Hot to Handle season 3, which premiered on Netflix on January 19, 2022. Too Hot to Handle, which first premiered in 2020, is reality TV dating competition where 10 to 15 men and women spend four weeks at a retreat in a tropical location with the hopes of breaking their cycles of meaningless flings to form long-lasting relationships. At stake is also a $100,000 grand prize ($200,000 in season 3) awarded to the contestant who has changed the most while in the retreat. The prize s determined by Lana, a cone-shaped, virtual assistant who watches the contestants and forbids any form of sexual contact—including kissing and self-gratification. If a contestant is caught breaking Lana’s rules, the prize fund is reduced by thousands—and sometimes tens of thousands—of dollars.

In an interview with Oprah magazine in 2020, creator Laura Gibson revealed that the show is inspired by an episode of Seinfeld titled “The Contest,” in which the characters try to resist masturbating for a cash prize. “None of them can actually do it, and so they actually all lose the money. And I thought, ‘There’s a TV format in that,'” she said. “Why don’t we get some of the hottest people on planet to try and see if they can hold themselves back for cash?” She continued, . “As an older person, I knew that I would always go for the cash, but I know that my 19-year-old self would have gone for the sex.”

Creator Louise Peet also noted that Lana was a mix of Ellen DeGeneres and Mary Poppins. “We think of Lana as Mary Poppins meets Ellen DeGeneres. She’s also a bit of a super nanny as well,” she said. “Lana was their love guru, Lana was their guidance, Lana was their friend.” Gibson added, “When I heard the idea I thought, ‘I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before.’ We’re always being watched and listened to. It felt so modern and youthful to have an AI robot that was their love guru.”

So that’s how Too Hot to Handle works, but what about Harry and Beaux? Are Harry and Beaux still together after Too Hot to Handle season 3? Read on for what we know.

"Too Hot to Handle" Season 3

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Are Harry and Beaux still together after Too Hot to Handle season 3?

Are Harry and Beaux still together after Too Hot to Handle season 3? The answer is no. During the reunion, Harry and Beaux revealed that they had split but are still on good terms. “I don’t have any regrets from the show,” Beaux told Us Weekly at the time. “I think everything that I did on the show, I’m happy with. I wouldn’t have changed it because it wouldn’t have been me. But at the end of the day, if it didn’t happen, something else might not have come from it.”

Harry added, “I’m very happy with the way things all went. I feel like there was a lot of closure at the end for everybody. Everyone handled everything very [well], and whether things went south, they went north, whatever direction, everybody seemed to come out of it happy, consistently just themselves and not having to fake anything, and I think that’s the best part about it. I wouldn’t change anything going back.”

As for why they broke up, Harry told Us Weekly that he and Beaux “struggled a lot with distance,” which ended their relationship. He confirmed, however, that he and Beaux still “talk every day.” According to BBC, Harry and Beaux were arrested and charged for “failing to obey the lawful commands of a pilot for refusing to put on a face mask and using threatening, abusive, or insulting words and behavior” in May2021 after they were seen “kissing and behaving intimately” on an airplane, which means that their split was somewhat recent.

Harry and Beaux have also continued to flirt with each other on Instagram. One time was on January 16, 2022—three days before the premiere of Too Hot to Handle season 3—when Harry posted an Instagram photo of him at dinner. Beaux commented on the post with a flirty eyes emoji, which Harry responded to with a heart emoji. Harry and Beaux also both follow each other on Instagram. Beaux also follows Harry’s younger brother, George Johnson, who follows her back. Harry, who is from Middlesbrough in the United Kingdom, and Beaux, who is from Kent, are also about 279 miles—or 4 hours and 45 minutes driving—away from each other. 

Beaux also confirmed in an interview with Capital FM that she and Harry are still in communication. “From that episode, me and Harry just got stronger,” she said of the episode where Lana gave her and Harry their first Green Light. “I mean, it was strange because when he first walked in I didn’t really fancy him so it was crazy that every day you’re building up that connection, and from then we just got closer and closer. We’re still in touch a lot, he’s amazing, he’s literally like the male version of me.”

Harry claimed that he and Beaux haven’t seen each other since they finished filming Too Hot to Handle. “I think that was like, our highlight, obviously because we got the green light, we opened up a lot more,” Harry said. “Obviously you’ve always got in the back of your mind people coming in what may happen, so we kinda got close but obviously we were a bit anxious. “But I think that proved whether we would stick it out or not and obviously that shows if you can get through stuff and it makes you closer so I think that was a big moment for us.” The two, however, FaceTime a lot. “I’m still in contact with Beaux, me and Nathan FaceTime a lot—we’re all still in contact with each other, but I’d say mostly with Nathan and Beaux,” he said.

Harry and Beaux were two of the 10 original contestants on Too Hot to Handle season 3. Though they never broke Lana’s rules as a couple, Harry committed a rule break—no self-gratification— in episode eight when he masturbated in the shower and cost the cast $4,000. In episode nine, Harry asked Beaux to be his girlfriend, which she accepted. “There’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask you. This experience with you has been unreal. I think you’re a great person inside and out. So how do you feel about being my girlfriend,” Harry said, to which Beaux responded, “Oh my God. You joking? Are you actually asking me? Oh my God, yeah.” During her interview, Beaux told producers, “I can’t believe I have a fella. Bloody hell, I have changed. I can’t stop smiling.”

Who is Harry from Too Hot to Handle season 3?

Harry, "Too Hot to Handle"

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Who is Harry from Too Hot to Handle season 3? Harry Johnson is a 29-year-old tree surgeon from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. “Harry’s infectious laugh and persona make him the ultimate “secret” player. Harry hails from a small village outside of Middlesbrough and as a big fish in a small pond he’s been forced to cast his net wider,” his cast bio reads. “A self-proclaimed Harry Styles lookalike, this fun-loving party boy has charmed the ladies around the world from Thailand to Dubai as well as doing seasons in Ayia Napa and Zante. Harry is a tree surgeon so he’s used to dealing with wood, but can he keep it under control in Lana’s retreat?”

His Instagram handle is @harryjohnson92. “From club rep fun, to under Lana’s thumb 👍🏼,” reads his Instagram bio. During his intro package for Too Hot to Handle, Harry explained that a tree surgeon is not the same as a medical surgeon. “I’m Harry, and I’m a tree surgeon from the U.K., and yes, I chop wood for a living. When I say I’m a tree surgeon, they think it’s related to to being a brain surgeon,” he said. “But I’m not that clever. I used to have long hair down to here, so a lot of girls used to come up to me and say you look like Tarzan. And that’s when I drop it in that I was a tree surgeon. You get girls off the back of it, so I don’t complain really.” According to Growing Earth, a tree surgeon, or an arborist, is called to a property “when trees need to be felled, shrubs or branches need to be pruned, logs need to be split, fallen trees need to be moved, and new trees planted in their place.”

He also revealed that he’s been told he looks like Harry Styles. “Everywhere I go, I get confused for looking like Harry Styles,” he said. “Some people actually say I’m better looking than Harry Styles, but I don’t believe them for one minute.” Harry also described his personality as “spontaneous.” “I’d say I’m very spontaneous. I literally moved to London with a week’s notice,” he said. “Came home and said to my mum, ‘Mum, I’m moving to London next week. I’ve met a girl in Ibiza, and I’m going to live with her. I’m constantly laughing. Don’t worry about anything. That’s the way to be, laugh your way through life.”

Who is Beaux from Too Hot to Handle season 3?

Beaux, "Too Hot to Handle"

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Who is Beaux from Too Hot to Handle season 3? Beaux Raymond is a 24-year-old legal secretary from Kent, United Kingdom. “Legal secretary Beaux was born in London, lives in Kent, but has all the glamour of an Essex girl!” her cast bio reads. “This cockney Elle Woods loves pulling out all the stops to catch a guy’s attention and ensure all eyes are on her! She’s had more boyfriends than hot dinners and if they can’t keep up with her banter they are out the door. Beaux’s type is a cheeky chappy who can keep her entertained. She prides herself on being honest and straight to the point so how will she react when Lana reveals herself and her true intentions?”

Her Instagram handle is @_beauxraymond_. “I’m unique, that’s better than being perfect,” reads her Instagram bio. During her intro package, Beaux described her personality as unfiltered. “I get told I have no filter quite option. But I can’t hide who I am,” she said. “All my girls go for ripped, big boys. I prefer the chunkier ones. I suppose it’s something to grab onto. Men obsessed with the gym are a little boring for me. Don’t get me wrong. I can look at a man and think, ‘Wow you are fit’ but if his personality is a zero then it’s a no-go.”

She continued, “My mouth gets me into trouble quite a bit. I can’t hold back what I say. If it’s on my chest, it’s got to come off. I have got a little bit of a wild side. I may need someone to tame me a little bit. Whether you can do that, I mean that’s a bonus!”

Who is the winner of Too Hot to Handle season 3?

"Too Hot to Handle" Season 3

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

Who is the winner of Too Hot to Handle season 3? Harry Johnson is a 29-year-old tree surgeon from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, and Beaux Raymond is a 24-year-old legal secretary from Kent, United Kingdom, were the winners of Too Hot to Handle season 3 and won the $90,000 prize. Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, a 24-year-old model from  Cape Town, South Africa, was the runner-up, while Georgia Hassarati, 26-year-old student midwife from Brisbane, Australia, came in third place.

Harry and Beaux were the first couple to be in the Too Hot to Handle finals and the first couple to win. Lana nominated Harry and Beaux to win Too Hot to Handle season 3 because of how their relationship helped them grow in the retreat. “This is the first time ever that I’ve nominated a couple. I have done this because your relationship has helped you grow equally as individuals,” she said. Harry and Beaux won the $90,000 prize—which started at $200,000 but was reduced after the cast broke the retreat’s no-sexual-contact rule—after they received a majority of the votes from their cast members.

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix.

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