Finally! Harriet Tubman Will Be the Face of the New $20 Bill

Twenty dollar bill

Getty Images

After last week’s rumors that Hamilton would be staying on the front of the $10 bill, we’re happily surprised to hear that the Treasury is making good on its promise to put a woman on some form of US currency—and that woman will be Harriet Tubman, on the front of the $20, Politico reports. Its current occupant, unpopular President Andrew Jackson, may be relocated to the back of the $20 instead.

People were initially upset at the news that Hamilton might stay on the $10 because they were worried it might take decades to decide on and redesign another bill for a woman to front. But it looks like Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will put those fears to rest in an announcement today about both the $10 and $20 bill. Other changes the Treasury is planning reportedly include putting women’s rights leaders on the back of the $10 bill, and incorporating civil rights leaders into the $5 bill.

We’re all for any changes incorporating women such as Tubman, who was an abolitionist, humanitarian, and key player in the Underground Railroad antislavery network during the 1850s. She has been recognized over the years, and was honored by President Obama when he created the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument on the Eastern Shore in 2013. But with Tubman’s face on the $20, we’re guessing she’ll be remembered on a more everyday basis.

Well done, Secretary Lew—we’re glad the Treasury is prioritizing getting a deserving female figure on US currency, which should be redesigned by 2020.

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