According to Instagram, The Happiest People in America Live In St. Louis

Julie Gerstein
happy people According to Instagram, The Happiest People in America Live In St. Louis

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“Meet Me In St. Louis” is a classic Broadway musical, though it also might be what you say to yourself after you learn that St. Louis, Missouri, is supposedly the happiest city in the country—if Instagram photos are any indication.

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That’s the word according to Jetpac, a new social travel iPad app that’s been analyzing the zillion or so Instagram photos online to determine the happiest place in America. Jetpac lets you share your travel photos on Facebook, browse photos by friend or destination, and then create lists of places you’d like to go.

The app tallied the places with the most pictures of people smiling and laughing to come up with the list. At the top, St. Louis, followed by Kansas City, Missouri; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Pennsylania; and San Antonio, Texas. (You can see the full list here.)

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The only one of the top five largest cities in the country to make the list was Chicago, coming in at number 12. Curiously absent, though, was New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland. Maybe it’s because residents in these cities really are more unhappy, or maybe it’s because they simply don’t like smiling in photos.