Spread good eco karma -- shop these brands for Earth Day-friendly options for your closet.

Happy Earth Day: Our Eco-Friendly Brand List That Won’t Leave You Craving Granola

Liz Doupnik

There are a lot of holidays that seem to come out of left field (Macaroon Day, anyone?). Point being, there always seems to be another reason to slurp a cocktail, give (or a receive) a gift and – dare I say it – slink out of the office a couple minutes early.

Now, we’re not saying that one holiday is more important than another (we wholeheartedly supported the celebration of Oreos’ birthday for crying out loud) but, if we would have to rank some of the legitimacy of some of these blessed days, we’d have to admit that Earth Day would probably be right up there. No, this isn’t just for stereotypical granola crunchies whose footwear of choice may be something along the lines of a Birkenstock; this is about raising awareness about the fragility of the world and spreading good eco karma by reusing, recycling, and taking the needs of other species into consideration.

So no matter what your perspective, opinion or personal style, we all wake up on the same planet (although sometimes it can feel otherwise). In honor of said planet, we decided to recount top brands that are doing their share to give back to Mother Earth one dress at a time.

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