Happy Birthday To You…


Last night during a chitchatting sesh a friend revealed to me that she feels she is ready to “meet” someone. She doesn’t want to do the bar scene, she said. I totally understand that–meeting someone at a bar is notoriously difficult and awkward. She asked me where I meet guys. One place and one place only, I told her: Birthday parties.

I literally met every single one of the guys in my current roster at friends’ birthday parties. First, it’s the place where you meet your friends’ fringe friends. Those people they always casually mention, who seem vaguely interesting, the ones that you always “should meet.” Second, when you actually do meet them, at the party, you have a common point of interest to make conversation easier. “How do you know Katie?” or “Oh, I have such an adorable and hilarious story about our lovely hostess.” Third, you can do follow-up and research through your mutual friends to find out about past stalking behavior, sordid sexual histories, or bizarre interests to watch out for.

Cruising birthday parties is usually fun and has a pretty high success rate. The only issue is the mutual in-between friends’ involvement. I am currently waiting for a phone call from a friend who just had a birthday this past weekend and “wants to chat” about the guy I met there. I don’t know what that means, and I am super anxious to find out.

Is birthday party cruising worth having your friends getting mixed up in your love life? Where do you meet guys? Is there a secret to actual bar cruising?