Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham: Posh Spice’s Greatest Hits

Spencer Cain

I’m sorry for calling the legendary Victoria Beckham “Posh Spice” in the title of this piece, as she has come so far since the world knew her by that nickname. But frankly, I am not about to sit here and deny where I first fell in love with her. The pin-thin British babe caught my attention when I was a wee lad and quickly became my favorite Spice Girl. I think I felt a special connection to her since we were both born in April, thus we share the same birthstone: the diamond. Needless to say, it’s become pretty apparent that genetically superior individuals are born in April.

That said, since her Spice Girls days, Victoria Beckham has become even more of a force to be reckoned with. Together with her stunning husband, footballer David Beckham, she has become a remarkably engaged parent to four children. She has also conquered the fashion world, proving that not all celebrities who take a stab at design are clueless. In fact, her collections consistently receive rave reviews from buyers, fellow designers and other celebs who proudly don her creations on the red carpet.

Aside from all these accomplishments, I don’t think I need to tell you that Victoria’s sick signature style has captured all of our hearts. Let’s take a moment to remember when she was pregnant as can be and made an appearance at the Royal Wedding last April in custom 7-inch Louboutins. It was at that moment when I realized I needed to become her.

In honor of the diva’s 38th birthday, take a look back at her most major moments in the gallery above!