Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! 7 Stilettos That Are Posh Spice Worthy

Liz Doupnik

It’s a happy day everywhere for fashionites. Why? Well, let’s reflect, shall we? At the genesis of our style obsession we like to attribute the girl powerhouse pop sensation, the Spice Girls. There was one for everyone no matter if you were a tomboy, girly girl or wanted to get down with your sassy side. There was especially one if you were mysterious, stick thin and looked incredibly sleek and sophisticated while your comrades rocked pompom hair ties.

That’s right kiddies, it’s Victoria Beckham’s birthday! While we’re sure there won’t be birthday cake served at this blowout bash (we’re thinking some reduced fat chic mini-sized dessert is more apropos), we’re positive that there will be an excess of glamour galore. With this lady ringing in the big 3-8 (perhaps a match to a size 38 shoe?) we’re assuming she’ll be receiving some posh worthy pumps. We scoured our top inspirations to share with you the most striking stilettos that only the lady daunting and sexy enough to score arguably the hottest hubby around could rock.

Click through the slideshow to see what made the cut!

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