Happy Birthday Rihanna: A Gallery Of Her Sexiest Looks

Spencer Cain
Happy Birthday Rihanna: A Gallery Of Her Sexiest Looks
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Rihanna turns 24 today. That’s right, 24. (Considering I’m going to turn 24 soon, this makes me want to throw up.) In just a few short years in the spotlight, she’s managed to already be one of the best-selling artists of all time and her net worth is estimated at $75 million. Right now, I could be considered the least-selling artist of all time, and my net worth could be measured in SpaghettiOs cans and a fewHerms accessories.

Anyway, enough about me and my sad life. Let’s talk more about the divine Miss Fenty. Rihanna’s sense of style has certainly evolved since she burst onto the scene as a fresh-faced Barbadian princess. She’s become a fashion icon in her own right, and it’s been great watching her get there.

While her personal life is always swirling with high-profile controversy (Is she secretly back with Chris Brown? Is she a kindred spirit of Cheech Marin? Is her hair going to eventually fall out from all that coloring, cutting AND extensions?!?), let’s forget about the drama and focus on Rihanna’s strong points: sexy, sexy outfits. Click through the gallery above for a retrospective of Rihanna’s killer style.

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Rihanna's performance attire is always spot-on. Check out this nod to Madonna's iconic cone bra. 

I'm a huge fan of her casual "shopping" look. Leather leggings, thigh highs, and a sexy haircut. I dig it. 

Even when she's goofy, she does it right. She seems to be seriously inspired by the 1980s, and the neon works for her.  

She's never afraid to take a risk on the red carpet. 

One of my favorite Rihanna looks. This outfit could work in a variety of situations, and proves that she has a sense of style beyond her years. 

Chunky accessories, stripes, and red hair: she's perfect. 

I love a woman who takes a cue from Sharon Stone's epic Oscars outfit (where she wore her hubby's shirt from Gap with a skirt). 

I love her funky Lower East Side swag. 

She is Grace Jones fierce here. 

Literally no one could pull off a jumpsuit like this, but of course RiRi can. 

Effortlessly chic. 


Rihanna In Jean Paul Gaultier couture. OH MY GOD. Best red carpet look ever. 

Simple but badass. 

A major Chanel moment. 

Killin' it.

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