Happy Birthday Mason Dash Disick: America’s Best Baby

Spencer Cain
Happy Birthday Mason Dash Disick: America’s Best Baby
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It seems like only yesterdayKourtney Kardashian got unexpectedly knocked up and her crazy boyfriend Scott Disick was punching through mirrors in Miami and consuming more vodka than an entire sorority house. But it’s actually been two years! Today, their phenomenal son Mason Dash Disick celebrates his second birthday.

Not only is Mason one of the happiest little muffins in all of the land, he also has some serious style. Sure, that’s probably due to the fact that his mommy is inarguably the chicest Kardashian and that his daddy lives and dies by the Patrick Bateman rules of dress.

Regardless, Mason is clearly the best dressed baby in Hollywood. Seriously, he beats Skyler Berman. Take a look at the gallery above for some of my favorite Mason looks and raise a glass of Parmalat in his honor.