Happy Birthday Marc Jacobs! The Top Collections From The Tattooed Tastemaker

Liz Doupnik

Tattoos, Jamiroquai inspired furry hats and underage models. No, this is not Terry Richardson’s wish list. Think hard, think really hard. What designer boasts basically a new tat everyday, a latest collection that had girls rocking massive headwear and unapologetically employs underage ladies? Who else but the multi-tasking design magician himself, Marc Jacobs!

Celebrating his 49th birthday today, we can’t help but reflect on some of his massively groundbreaking collections. We’re seriously into the fact that this bad boy started pissing people off at a young age, getting canned from one of his first gigs at Perry Ellis after displaying grunge as a maje trend for the ’90s. Can you imagine where Angela Chase (and the rest of the My So-Called Life cast) would be without this huge trend hitting the runway?

Sacrificing his job for one of the biggest looks of the decade, it was beyond evident that this designer had a whole lot up his sleeve – and we’re not just talking about his growing body ink collection. His namesake line is always the show to catch and Louis Vuitton‘s magic stems from his fingertips. Marc has firmly rooted himself as an influential creative of our time.

Obviously we couldn’t resist recapping our top favorite looks from his insane career. Cruise through the slideshow to see our top picks!

What’s your favorite Marc Jacobs collection? Comment in the section below to tell us!

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