Happy Birthday Halston! A Reflection On The Historical Designer

Liz Doupnik
Happy Birthday Halston! A Reflection On The Historical Designer
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Fashion and partying is not any kind of a new concept. Let’s be honest, this industry loves a shindig and cutting some major rug. Today, we celebrate one of style’s biggest influencers on and off the runway. Halston, who began as a hat designer at Bergdorf Goodman before launching his namesake line that changed the perspective on draping and technical construction, caught the hearts of some of the 1970’s biggest sweethearts, from Bianca Jagger to Andy Warhol.

Quickly propelled into the spotlight with his effortless sportswear, Halston’s influences can still be found on today’s catwalk. In a 1970s Madoff Production profile he is quoted saying, “What influences design most are the people who you dress.”  Halston could be found at the infamous Studio 54 on a nightly basis, building his celebrity clientele and spreading his popularity like wild fire.

But this designer was not just a party boy who got by on his charm and social circle. His innate sense for dressing the every day woman and her functional needs made even the more directional looks accessible – a feat daunting to many designers.

So we take off our hats to Halston, who would be celebrating his 80th birthday today, and look back to some of his best moments. Happy birthday Halston! You’re sorely missed.

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Halston and friend Bianca Jagger chatting, looking glamorous as always.

Halston's unexpected use of drape turned heads immediately and demanded editors and fashion trendsetters to sit up and take notice.

Halston's use of minimalism and simplistic construction clearly has influenced designers today.

With his impressive social circle, Halston championed celebrities as muses and clients. A trend still alive and kicking today.

Controversially revived after Halston's passing, fashion folk often reminiscence about the heyday of the designer.

Halston could throw a party, for sure. Don't belive us? Check out a young Pat Cleveland getting down at a party chez Halston.

A star studded front row that would leave even Marc Jacobs jealous.

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