Happy Birthday, Diddy: 3 Things He Did To Change Fashion

Spencer Cain

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Sean “Diddy” Combs, the unbelievably successful hip hop mogul who has made a name for himself in just about every field (the latest is of course literature – don’t act like you’re not excited for Culo too). While we all remember his illustrious rap and film career (“See? That’s it. That’s the art of it. I’m mind-f*cking the sh$t out of you!”), many forget what Mr. Combs has done for the fashion industry. In honor of the boss man’s big day, let’s take a look at three major moves he’s made to change the realm of style as we know it.

  1. In 1998, before anyone with a fat bank account and a craving for fame threw their name on a clothing line, Diddy started Sean John. Not just any other urban label, Sean John sold out across America and became both a commerical and critical success. In fact, after its first nomination for the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award for Menswear Designer of the Year in 2000, Combs won in 2004. Considering other honorees include Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein, I’d say that’s a really f*cking big accomplishment
  2. Also in 1998, Diddy changed the face of the Hamptons forever. What was generally regarded as an uptight, snooty destination for Upper East Side WASPs became the hottest place to party. Diddy’s iconic “White Party” became the coolest thing to hit the Hamptons since, well, probably ever. Every celebrity who mattered made an appearance — all clad in white. You can’t even try to tell me that this trend hasn’t been replicated in every dumpy fraternity and sorority house across the country. I mean, the amount of theme parties I’ve attended in my day that owe their origins to Diddy is truly shocking. Now, they’re a little bit tired. In fact, in 2010, Diddy didn’t even show up to his own party until hours later.
  3. Sure, Jennifer Lopez has style and swag all her own, but her time with Diddy made her a fashionicon. Gone were her days on In Living Color, where she rocked a bad mom haircut and some highly questionable ‘fits. She shed her Selena image too, and became a full-fledged fashionista when she showed up in that dress to the 2000 Grammy Awards. Yes, I’m of course referring to the Versace number that literally caused a massive stir, and made the common people aware of the wonders of “double-sided tape.” Maybe Diddy didn’t hand-pick the Versace himself, but the edge he brought to Jenny from the Block made her step up her game.

Alright, buddy. Party hard tonight like the good ‘ole days. I’m talking bottle service ofCroc and maybe even a questionable incident involving a handgun. Cheers!

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