Happy Birthday Britney Spears: Her Memorable Fashion Moments

Spencer Cain
Happy Birthday Britney Spears: Her Memorable Fashion Moments
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It seems like only yesterday that a certain petiteMickey Mouse Club alumnus from Louisiana donned a school girl outfit in the “…Baby One More Time” video, and essentially changed the music industry and media climate as we know it. That little girl was of course Britney Spears.

Today is Britney’s 30th birthday. Yes, the same girl who Justin Timberlake wrote “Cry Me A River” about following the most upsetting break-up of all time is three decades old. (I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.) Not only does this mean that I’m officially ancient, but it means that Brit-Brit managed to survive the Terrible Twenties and come out somewhat unscathed despite it all.

No one has had a more turbulent decade than her. She entered the new millennium on top of the world, and it remained that way for awhile. But we all know that the mighty always fall. After a series of major missteps that included a failed marriage, custody questions surrounding her children AND eventually losing control of her own burgeoning fortune, Brit has finally crawled her way back on top.

With a stable boyfriend (Jason Trawick), by her side, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. The queen of the music video has had some incredible fashion moments over the years, so please take a look at the gallery above for a refresher. Oh, and be warned: There are a few classic paparazzi shots from those crazy days none of us are likely to ever forget..

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Britney's schoolgirl ensemble in the "...Baby One More Time" video that shot her to fame inspired more Halloween costumes than necessary.

Britney's barely legal Rolling Stone cover upped her sex appeal, and I'm pretty sure it was plastered on the walls of every college dorm in America. 

The skintight red jumpsuit from "Oops!... I Did It Again" was another Halloween costume favorite. Side note: I remember doing the dance she does in the video for a talent show. (Yeah, kill me.)

Britney was certainly the most attractive Elvis Presley I've ever seen. 

Britney as a sexy stewardess in the "Toxic" video (which is arguably her best). No one would turn down a warm towel and some nuts from her. 

Britney looked like a high-class belly dancer when she performed "I'm A Slave 4 U" wearing a real snake as an accessory. 

OK, now this was a tricky phase in Britney's life. Basically, every paparazzi shot of her during this time involves a weird blouse and a crazy hat. You can take the girl out of Louisiana...

The day she shaved her head. The day. She shaved. Her head. Another complicated phase in Britney's life, this was known as her breaking point. Soon after, she beat up a paparazzi with an umbrella and turned to the dark side (i.e. the unofficial spokesperson for Red Bull and Cheetos Flamin' Hots).

Silk blouse, cigarette and Paris Hilton by her side. This is when Britney hit up the LA club scene like a pro and it was amazing. Never forget. This was fashion at its finest. 

YES! This is Britney this past August, back on track, in shape and happier than ever. I'm proud of you, girl. You showed everyone! 

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