Happy Birthday, Anna Wintour: Fashion’s Biggest Badass

Spencer Cain

This may seem like a loaded question, but where would the fashion world be without Anna Wintour? Honestly, where would I be without Anna Wintour? Vogue‘s legendary editrix has truly changed the game. Without her seal of approval you are NOBODY in this business. Considering her 23 year reign over the entire industry (which doesn’t appear to be winding down anytime soon), she intends to keep it that way.

Anna wasn’t always the elusive goddess in Chanel suits with a patent-worthy icy stare that leaves half of Cond Nast shaking in their last season Prada boots. How could we ever forget those rumors that her and Bob Marley had a hot and heavy affair in the late 1970s? She may not be THAT London party girl anymore (God, if only she was!), but it’s easy to see that she still has a wild side. I’m even willing to bet her and that hubby of hers get crazy in their immaculate Sullivan Street townhouse, and that she can throw ’em back like the best of them.

Yes she’s 62 today, and YES, she’s still got it. Stay fly, Miss Wintour, and don’t forget your roots. When the daily grind of the Vogue offices finally wears you down, just lock yourself in the bathroom, put on “No Woman, No Cry,” take a deep breath and let go, baby. Seriously, you’ve earned it.