Happy 100th Birthday, Oreo! Our Five Fave Ways To Eat You

Spencer Cain

Damn, this makes me feel old. A hundred years ago today, in Hoboken, New Jersey, the first Oreo cookie was sold. Whoever purchased that first Oreo is probably long dead, but I am forever indebted to this glorious person. Without them, the cream filled chocolate delights may not be a staple part of all of our diets. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t like Oreos, and if I do in the future, I will probably slap them.

In honor of this monumental anniversary, let’s chat about our five favorite ways to eat Oreos. Take a glimpse below and please share your own!

  • The most classic way to eat a cookie is to dip it in milk, and the Oreo is no exception. The great thing though about the Oreo is that there are different ways to go about dipping it. You can dip it in full, or open the Oreo and lick off the cream and dip the chocolate sides individually. However you do it, it’s a treat.
  • Lindsay Lohan taught us a valuable lesson in The Parent Trap. That lesson was that Oreos and peanut butter is like nothing else in the world. It’s F*CKING AWESOME.
  • THE FRIED OREO is an unbelievable delicacy that must be capitalized when discussed. It has recently found its way into haute cuisine, popping up on the menus of restaurants like Lavo. It’s pretty self-explanatory. An Oreo is fried in a tempura-like substance, and then covered in powdered sugar. I may have to stop writing this and go get some right now.
  • Oreos and ice cream are a winning combination that go hand-in-hand, like Jack and Jill, or Jack and Lazaro. Mash ’em up on a sundae, throw ’em in a milkshake, or make an Oreo ice cream sandwich. You’ll die. Trust me.
  • Now you may have not seen this coming, but Oreos are a great add-in for a yogurt treat. I learned as a boy when my mother insisted on purchasing YoCrunch that you didn’t just have to accessorize with boring granola. Instead, you can make your yogurt a dessert.

There you have it. My five favorite ways to consume an Oreo. Happy Oreo day, b*tches!

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