Happening: Kim Kardashian is Giving a Lecture on ‘The Objectification of Women’

kim k lecture

Photo: WENN

You’d think a woman who objectifies herself on a daily basis might not be the most qualified to give a talk on the topic, but alas, it’s Kim Kardashian’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

In a move that newfound scholar Kanye West had absolutely nothing to do with, Kim is set to give a public lecture about the objectification of women in the media called “Kim Kardashian West Live!” at the 3,000-seat Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California, on June 30. The event is being billed as a “lecture/seminar” where the reality TV star will discuss how she “monetized” everything from taking selfies to sexuality, according to organizers.

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From the event description: “Join Kim Kardashian West at INFORUM for a public interview to dish on her new book Selfish, the Kardashian Jenner clan, the business of millennial culture, the objectification of women in media, and more.”

While we’re not disparaging the reality star for using her fame in positive ways, we have a hard time buying that someone can go from hawking TrimSpa in a bikini to giving a lecture on gender (and sitting next to President Obama at a fundraiser and capturing the attention of Anna Wintour) without epic levels of manufacturing, so we’re pretty sure hubby Kanye—an honorary doctorate—is behind this.

Regardless, if you’re interested, tickets start at $40.

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