People are Freaking Out Over Tom Hanks’ New Typewriter iPad App

hanx writer app tom hanks typewriter

In case you were wondering if there was a reason Tom Hanks professed his love for typewriters in the New York Times last summer, it seems we have our answer. The Oscar-winning actor recently launched an iPad app called Hanx Writer which basically turns your device into an old-timey manual typewriter (if you’re under the age of 20, we’ll wait while you look up that word in the dictionary) complete with realistic sound effects like key clicks and end-of-sentence chimes.

Of course, there are a few modern adjustments, such as the ability to correct using the delete key (as opposed to white tape or whiteout) and options to print, email or share your documents when you’re done typing.

The well-designed app—which also connects via Bluetooth to external keyboards that work with Apple’s iPad—is free, though you can buy different colors, texts and styles.

hanx writer app

Clearly, folks have a hankering (Hanks-ering?) for nostaligia, as the app is now the most popular for iPads in the App Store, beating ubiquitous essentials like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix, and it’s been getting five-star user reviews across the board.

Head over to the App Store now to check it out!