Summer House’s Hannah Berner Reveals the Cast Member She No Longer Speaks to

Hannah Berner, "Summer House"
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Hannah Berner had “no idea how much people were talking” about her on Summer House season 5 until she saw the episodes. “It’s funny because everyone is talking about how I said something about Kyle and Amanda, but in the meantime, everyone is judging every part of my life, whether it’s how I am as a roommate, how I am with my relationship, how I am with my work, how long I sleep,” she says. 

Hannah is one of nine main cast members on the current season of the Bravo reality TV series, along with Kyle Cook, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Paige DeSorbo, Luke Luke Gulbranson and Ciara Miller. Though the new season Summer House just premiered, Hannah has already seen herself in the center of a lot of drama, which she thinks was due to a “group mentality” this season. 

“There was a real group mentality coming together, and it wasn’t in my favor,” she says. “In previous seasons I wasn’t that great at standing up for myself. I was very scared of confrontation. Kyle has cursed me out multiple times in the past, but I always stayed quiet and took it or cried in the corner. But I went into this season like, ‘If he comes at me in his condescending, patronizing way, I need to show him I have a backbone.’ So regardless of what’s happening, it’s important to stand up for yourself and not let people talk to you like that.”

As Bravo fans know, Hannah’s feud with Kyle wasn’t her only source of drama this season. Ahead, Hannah talked to StyleCaster about the cast member she hasn’t talked to since filming ended, the most “offensive thing” Kyle has ever said to her and why Below Deck alum Kate Chastain really quit Bravo Chat Room

On how she became a part of Summer House

“I was in a job in marketing and I remember thinking, ‘I just want to do video.’ I ended up doing some video production, and I made some funny videos. I met some of the Summer House cast, and when they were looking to bring some new people to the house, my name got brought up. It was a super natural thing. I grew up going out to Long Island when I was little growing up in Brooklyn. I was nervous because you’re putting your private life out there for everyone to judge. But I also realized if I’m going to live this one life and I can be vulnerable and own and put all my emotions out there and fix them, hopefully I can make someone else out there feel less alone in this crazy thing we call life.”

On why she doesn’t regret commenting on Kyle & Amanda’s relationship

“That comment was made as like ‘I’m not your blood. I’m not marrying you. I don’t love you the way Amanda does. You can get away with that with her but don’t speak to me like that.’ I stand by it. I refuse to be spoken to like that.”

On why she no longer speaks to Luke 

“Luke and I do not speak because for me to have a healthy relationship with someone else, I can’t get involved with his stuff. He was never really a friend, and I can’t have a healthy relationship with another guy with him calling me all the time. If he was actually a guy friend, it’s cool. But he’s someone who I was in a deep intimate emotional situationship with that wasn’t healthy for me. Even watching it now, I’m like, ‘Oh gosh. Thank God I put my foot down and never really looked back with that.’ As long as I would stay, he would stay messing around.”

On Kyle & Luke’s physical fight

“I just think it’s funny the two people who were fighting with me ended up fighting each other, and I got to sit out of this one and eat some popcorn. It was quite refreshing. I will let my mouth go off but the second it’s physical, I was upstairs in the kitchen with Paige. I just heard insane yelling and doors slamming, so I was not getting close to that. We were in a pressure cooker. People can pretend to be a type of way for only so long and then their real character comes out.”

On her ideal format for season 6

“I would love the old format. The quarantine format was super hard for me. I remember 15 days in, I was like, ‘I’m going to lose it. If another person comes at me, I’m going to have to burn this house down and jump in the pool.’ It’s really easy to have a group mentality and feel like you’re not in it and people aren’t seeing you or understanding you. I love being able to work during the week. I had a standup tour that got cancelled, so I was just working on my podcast and partnerships the whole time but I wasn’t doing what I loved. Even though I seem quite social and outgoing, I really, really, really get my energy from being alone with my cat, watching reality TV. I remember going into my room and getting in my bed because I do deal with a lot of anxiety and depression sometimes. When you don’t have a break of the cortisol levels, it’s really hard.”

On why Kate left Bravo Chat Room

“The whole show was Kate’s idea. She was the one who called me and was like, ‘Hey, I think we have great chemistry and you would be great on this.’ So I did a couple chemistry tests and it ended up working out. She actually created the show and she got the show off the ground. I know she has a lot of other projects going on. I just wish her the best. I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But she’s teased it. I just know she’s onto bigger and better things.”

On the Bravo star she would want to replace Kate

“I like Margaret Josephs. She’s straight up and hilarious. Maybe someone from Beverly Hills because we talk about them a lot. Rinna could be interesting. But so much of it is chemistry, and I do think Margaret Josephs could hang with us because there’s a lot of east coast energy happening.”

On her relationship with Amanda & Kyle now

“Watching this season has been pretty hard seeing everything they’ve said about me. It’s hard to feel warm feelings. You’ll definitely see things evolve from where it is now. I’m pretty sure Kyle said out loud in this upcoming episode, ‘I will destroy Hannah Berner.’ It’s like, ‘What are you talking about, bro? Calm down and deal with your own stuff and don’t talk to women the way you do.’”

On the most “offensive thing” Kyle has said to her

“The most offensive thing Kyle has ever said to me was: ‘Everything that you’ve gotten is because of me.’ I think he means he created Summer House and it’s his show and that everything I’ve accomplished is because of him and I’m not grateful. I just wish he would see it in a different light that he should be happy when other people on the show are doing well or finding joy in their careers. When you see a lot of the stuff this season, keep that in mind.”

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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