Hanky Panky Lingerie Tips: How To Care For Your Underthings

Bee Shyuan

Hanky Panky lace boy shorts, $29-$36 each, at HankyPanky.com

There’s Valentine’s Days, birthdays that bring out the birthday suit and that every once in awhile urge to go all out sex bomb. But other than some extraneous circumstances, lingerie isn’t all that high on my list. More importantly, I’m prone to comfort (no Dita von Teese corsets pour moi). So who better to get down with lingerie basics, than Hanky Panky. Ubiquitous lace thongs or not, the brand has got comfort down pat. I chatted with the line’s visual manager, J.D. Breen to get down to, er, the basics.

StyleCaster: So how did you get involved in Hanky Panky?
J.D. Breen: Ive been with the brand almost three years, I started as freelance, now Im the visual manager. They call me the glam guru, because I try to make everything pretty!

Ok, Mr. Glam Guru. I’m a low-maintenance kind of girl I like to throw my lingerie in the washer/dryer. What should I be doing instead?
We always suggest washing in cold water and by hand preferably. It’s super important if you want to prolong the life of the garment. If youre washing by hand, we recommend a colander. You can have one for your salads or whatnot and another for your underthings! I suggest rinsing twice to make sure you totally cleanse the garment.

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All-Clad stainless steel colander, $59.95, at Williams Sonoma

So absolutely no washer/dryer?
Ok, if you want to cheat a little, you can use a wash bag. We have one that the line offers, and we put lingerie in the bag and then wash on gentle cool cycle. For drying though, air drying helps to extend the life of it. Heat is deadly to stretch fabrics it breaks down the molecular bonds.

96985 1280842534 Hanky Panky Lingerie Tips: How To Care For Your Underthings
Hanky Panky wash kit, $19, at HankyPanky.com

Now that fall is swinging around, we’re not hanging in our bikinis as often. What should we be stocking up on this fall?
Color is big. We have a bright rose and angora red that’s new for fall. And animal prints are a staple for us because they’re always so popular.

Hanky Panky pretty much started this comfy thong trend. How do you guys keep the comfort level up?
Comfort is always number one on our list. Everybody in the company tests it, well except me! There are so many shapes and sizes in our office, that we really try to cover your assets whether youre size 0 to size 24.

Speaking of being the only guy at work, how did you get involved with a lingerie brand?
I started as a stylist even as a kid it was fun. But way back, I was an intern at Cosmo and caught the bug. Besides, underwear is really the first big decision you make every morning.

96986 1280842565 Hanky Panky Lingerie Tips: How To Care For Your Underthings
Hanky Panky thongs, $18-$24 each, at HankyPanky.com

All images courtesy of Hanky Panky

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