See The Hand-Drawn Card Karl Lagerfeld Gave Lady Gaga For Her Birthday

Perrie Samotin
karl lagerfeld See The Hand Drawn Card Karl Lagerfeld Gave Lady Gaga For Her Birthday

Photo via Lady Gaga’s Twitter

Lady Gaga turned 27 years old on Thursday, and while she presumably raked in tons of fabulous gifts (some accoutrements for her tricked-out 24-carat gold wheelchair, maybe?), we’re betting only one designer hand-sketched her a card bearing her likeness.

The designer we’re referring to happens to be the particularly prickly Karl Lagerfeld, who presented Gaga with the above piece of birthday art, which she posted to Twitter yesterday.

While most of Gaga’s followers seemed to have ignored the picture completely, choosing instead to reply to the post with a staggering amount of useless exclamations along the lines of “you taught me to never give up on my dreams!!!!” and “I will cry so bad if you follow me!!!”(yes, really), we were charmed by the Chanel mastermind’s gesture. And jealous: We wouldn’t turn down spending a birthday with the Kaiser and scoring a Karl original in the process.

Any bets on what the inside says? We’re going with “redeem this card for one free Chanel hula hoop bag.”

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