Do You Get Hand Cramps From Texting? Try This 1-Minute Exercise

Meghan Blalock

We know, we know: We’re all on our cell phones way too much. So much that it’s impacting our real-world relationships, making us all unapologetic narcissists, and even affecting our ability to drive safely.

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But, listen, no matter how much information is out there, encouraging us to put our phone downs for a certain amount of time everyday and do something like read a book (gasp), it doesn’t seem like any of us are really changing our behavior. So maybe the solution isn’t a change in behavior, but rather an improvement. Mega gaming company King, who produces the obsessive time-suck Candy Crushhas come up with the perfect solution: hand exercises to improve performance.

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This is a real thing, guys. It takes less than a minute to work out your hands to optimum cell phone use for everything from playing hours of Candy  Crush to getting into a heated text debate with your boyfriend.

Check out the suggestions below!

Repeat the entire exercise five times on each hand:

  • Gently rotate the thumb in a circle.
  • Spread the thumb away from the hand.
  • Lay hand face up flat on the table, then bring the thumb up.
  • Alternate touching each finger to the thumb.
  • ·With hand extended, touch each finger to the palm.
  • Spread the fingers apart from each other. Hold, then release.
  • Shake the wrist side to side.
  • Extend the hand in a fist, then bend at 90 degrees at the wrist.
King Hand Exercise Graphic

Graphic Courtesy of King