Hamptons’ Most Stylish: The East End’s All-Stars

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Hamptons’ Most Stylish: The East End’s All-Stars
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Who knew that a group of small villages along the South Fork of Long Island would become one of the world’s most famous jet-set destinations, immortalized in everything from documentaries about socialites living in rat-infested squalor to Kanye West songs? The idyllic area along the East Coast known as the Hamptons has become a playpen for celebrities, hipsters, and executives alike.

While the Hamptons may historically be associated with old money and sometimes stuffy style (think men never leaving the house without Sperry Topsiders and plaid pants), an influx of new residents and new subcultures in recent years has meant a major revamp.

Preppy chic isn’t the only look you’ll find out on the East End these days; on any given weekend you’ll find everything from classic American style in Southampton to up-and-coming designer chic in East Hampton. Montauk, in particular, has seen a boom thanks to hotspots like the Surf Lodge, which draws the downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn set out east every weekend, infusing the area with a certain offbeat, cool factor.

When it came time to choose our 2013 edition of the Hamptons’ most stylish people, we set out to curate a list that accurately captures the depth and breadth of Hamptons style today—from the classic to the hip to the glam. (Side note: for a handy beginner’s guide to the Hamptons, check out The Vivant’s ultimate Hamptons summer guide!)

This year’s roster includes the designers behind indie jewelry label Holst+Lee; Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s yoga-enamored wife; and full-time Hamptons resident and fitness pioneer Tracy Anderson—and that’s just the beginning! Click through the slideshow above to see which style-setters made the cut.

Photography by Richard Guaty
Producer: Samantha Lim
Field Coordinator: Charles Thorp

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From fashion entrepreneurs to fitness pioneers and everything in between, this crop of the Hamptons' most stylish fixtures truly represents the area's evolving style. 

Photo: Richard Guaty

Hilaria Baldwin, Yoga and Wellness Expert 

One might think that being the wife of Hollywood A-lister Alec Baldwin would make for a fast-paced life, but yoga expert Hilaria Baldwin was a picture of zen—seven months pregnant and gorgeous!—when she posed poolside for us. To hear her tell it, she knows how to take a deep breath and focus on what's important. 

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster/Richard Guaty

One of Baldwin's favorite parts of the Hamptons? No paparazzi. "When I come out east, I find a little piece of paradise," she says. "Our lives in the city are wonderful but hectic. We have very little privacy there, so when we come to our home in Amagansett, we take a deep breath and enjoy true relaxation."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster/Richard Guaty

Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee, Founders, Holst + Lee

The ladies behind the Brooklyn-based jewelry line, Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee, may have first partnered up in New York City, but their business really took off in the Hamptons. The unique pieces, which combine materials like fabric, beads, and rope (not to mention dynamic patterns), first made a splash at the Surf Bazaar at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. The Hamptons hold a special meaning for the duo, and they spend their summers there decked out in sarongs and (of course) their jewelry.

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster/Richard Guaty

Holst and Lee may embrace comfort, but they're not afraid of a little high fashion. "Our Hamptons style is always centered around the ocean," they tell us. "During the fall and winter, there is nothing better than a soft chunky sweater while walking on the beach. During the spring and summer, it's all about bright colors and super comfortable casual-chic beach clothes, which believe it or not, can include a beaded gown!"

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster/Richard Guaty

Tracy Anderson, Fitness Pioneer

When it comes to celebrity personal trainers, no one holds a candle to Tracy Anderson. The fashionable pint-sized blonde works with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, and while her workouts may be grueling, anyone can attest to the fact that they pay off. Aside from locations in Studio City, Manhattan, Brentwood, and London, she has a location on the Montauk Highway in Water Mill.

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Anderson isn’t just a fair-weather fan of the chic beach community. "To me, Sag Harbor, a lovely community on the bay, is home sweet home. It’s been my home for almost seven years now," says Anderson. "I enjoy the seasons and savor the times that it is slow because my life moves fast with my career. I do most of my research and development at home, and it’s where I am the most creative."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Joe Zee, Creative Director, ELLE Magazine

As one of the most powerful figures in fashion, Joe Zee has opened up the exclusive world to the masses thanks to his avid social media presence and participation in reality shows like MTV’s "The City," and his Sundance series "All On The Line." Zee’s wit and effortless charm make him one of the style set's most appealing characters, and his humor was on full display as he goofed around with a plethora of pool toys at his Sag Harbor home.

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

"The best part about my time in the Hamptons is sometimes I can live in the same thing all weekend, especially when I'm racing to my car or the bus and I've got no time to pack," insists Zee. "It will be just the clothes on my back and a backpack filled with my laptop, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, chargers, headphones and a book. You would think I was going to do espionage surveillance out there!"

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Natasha Esch, Interior Designer, Co-Founder, MONC XIII

It's no secret that Natasha Esch has serious chops in the fashion industry—she was previously president of the famed Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, after all. These days, she's an established interior designer and the owner of MONC XIII, a luxury home goods store in Sag Harbor specializing in unique vintage pieces. 

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

When it comes to Hamptons style, Esch insists it has a vast definition, noting the wide variety of people who call the place home—from contemporary artists who are familiar with the area thanks to Peter Beard or Andy Warhol to the fashion crowd who know Calvin Klein and Donna Karan summer there. "Hamptons style is as much defined by its settings as it is by the various people that frequent it. That's is the beauty of this place," she explained.

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Joey Wolffer, Founder, The Styleliner

Few things provide a more unique shopping experience than browsing for high-end goods aboard a truck, and that’s exactly what Joey Wolffer created with The Styleliner. Often parked in Montauk, shoppers can browse limited-edition pieces just steps from the beach. But that isn’t Wolffer’s only connection to the area. Her family's vineyard, Wolffer Estate in Sagaponack (pictured here), is one of the most scenic destinations in the area.

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Wolffer is constantly on the go, so when she needs to pack quickly, she always has a plan. "I bring five summer dresses (I like to have my options) that I can wear day to night, one pair of Chucks, flat sandals, my bag of jewelry, and my makeup bag," she says. "I can turn any outfit into an evening one with all my accessories."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Jesse Warren, Founder, TENET

You can thank Jesse Warren for bringing the "cool" factor to the Southampton shopping scene. The Brown graduate and fashion fan launched TENET, which features contemporary lines for both men and women. Needless to say, it has become a must-stop shop on Main Street. 

Luckily for Warren, his Hamptons wardrobe directly mirrors his store's selection. "My staples are Rag & Bone, Gitman Vintage, A.P.C., and Shipley & Halmos. At TENET, we have a huge selection of Gitman Vintage Shirting, and I think their summer shirts are the perfect shirt for the Hamptons, whether you are at the beach or at a BBQ during a cold night."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Jenny Ljungberg, Creative Director, Owner, c/o Hotels including The Maidstone

Ask anyone: The Maidstone is one of the chicest spots in the Hamptons. Owned by Swedish-born Jenny Ljungberg, the eclectic East Hampton establishment goes far beyond traditional accommodations and you can always expect a luxurious and stylish experience there. (They even have a menu for dogs!)

Ljungberg tries to keep her style more casual when she leaves the city, but she can’t give up her high heels. "I love wearing fancy clothing and usually wear dresses in the city," she says. "When I started coming out to the Hamptons people kept asking me when I'd start wearing flip flops and shorts, but I've kept the high-heeled shoes and the dresses."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Jayma Cardoso, Owner, The Surf Lodge

One of the hottest spots in the Hamptons right now is undoubtedly the Surf Lodge, located in Montauk. First built in 1967, the chic spot located right on the beach features a hotel, lively bar and restaurant scene, and the most scenic concert venues you'll ever see. The woman behind the locale is Jayma Cardoso, a gorgeous Brazilian nightlife veteran. 

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster/?K! 0 I n % Esr: % O ' } F} p t iR ? ; _u u sG pJ

She may be responsible for New York hotspots like Lavo and Goldbar where ladies dress to the nines to get past the velvet rope, but her style out east couldn't be more different. She described her "getting-ready process" as the following: "Ideally it's a situation where I finally convince myself it's time to leave the beach, take an outdoor shower at home, put on some bronzer and lip gloss, and then it's just a simple dress and pair of flip flops and I'm out the door. Beach life is great, so keep it simple when readying for a night out."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Marie Robinson, Celebrity Hair Colorist

Famed hair colorist Marie Robinson is renowned for her work with stars like Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, and Naomi Watts. But when she hits the Hamptons, it's all about relaxing with her friends and family. 

Robinson may prefer a more laid-back atmosphere, but she's no stranger to the occasional extravagance of the Hamptons. "Once I took a helicopter there, just to do someone's hair in their home! It was a benefit for the Ross School."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

When she heads east, she always bunks in style—with her dear friend James Huniford, who designed her salon in Manhattan. Huniford's flair for interior design is on full display in his Bridgehampton home (pictured here). 

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Toni Ross, Founder, Nick & Toni's

While Toni Ross is primarily known for iconic East Hampton spot Nick & Toni's, she also has four other restaurants, is an accomplished artist, and co-founded the Hamptons International Film Festival back in 1993. Needless to say, she's an area fixture.

Some may think the Hamptons is all about labels, but Ross looks at fashion differently. "I am not designer-conscious, not even a little," she said. "If someone asks who I am wearing, I will most often have to have them look at the label in the back. My interest is in easy, comfortable, flattering, relaxed fun."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Leyla Marchetto, Co-Owner, Navy Beach

To say hospitality is in Leyla Marchetto's blood is an understatement. Her father, Silvano Marchetto, founded storied Manhattan eatery Da Silvano, and she spent years working with brands and top hotels overseas. Now, her energy is focused on Montauk, where she and her husband live year round and run the hotspot Navy Beach, a beachfront restaurant with nautical decor. 

According to Marchetto, Hamptons style varies throughout the towns, and she has a clear preference. "I'm definitely more drawn to the laid-back feel of Amagansett and Montauk. For me, someone has true style when they don't look like they're trying too hard," she says. "Natural beauty and elegance combined with a little flair and personality in the accessories and colors ... a combination of of Patti Hansen, Lauren Bush-Lauren, Delfina Blaquier, Hilary Rhoda and Donna Karan."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Annbeth Eschbach, Founder, Exhale Mind Body Spa

As the founder of the wildly successful chain of wellness spa and gym hybrids known as Exhale (know especially for their popular Core Fusion class!), Eschbach is active to say the least. But in her downtime, you can find her at her home in Shelter Island, a short ferry ride away from the hustle and bustle of the main Hamptons drag, which includes an Exhale outpost on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton. 

Her affection for the remote vibe of Shelter Island is simple: It brings back memories. "It reminds us of Seattle, where my husband and I both grew up," she says. "Shelter Island is the antidote to the city. It is a special place that celebrates water, active living, peace and authenticity, and of course, family and community."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Sam Talbot and Zach Lynd, Chef and Founder, TURF 

Restauranteur Zach Lynd set out to create something different from the tried-and-true Hamptons restaurant scene with the launch of TURF back in 2011. The mobile kitchen, located in the "Dirt Lot" at the famed Ditch Plains beach in Montauk, caters to the fashionable, eccentric residents of the area. Customers have a lot to look forward to this summer, as "Top Chef" and Surf Lodge alum Sam Talbot has joined the venture as head chef.

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

Talbot has his style foundations down pat—whether he's in Brooklyn or Montauk. "I stay the same except insert board shorts for 90 days," he says. "My legs are long and white and need to stay inside denim. It's better for all of us. For going out? Easy. Black hat. Sunglasses. The rest is like my menu. Who knows man, change is my routine. I get bored with the same look."

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

When Lynd is in the Hamptons, he can often be seen alongside his impossibly fashionable girlfriend, Kelly Framel (a.k.a. The Glamourai), who recently styled our 30 Days of Style feature

Photo: Richard Guaty for StyleCaster

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