Hamptons “Douche Spotter” Exposes Arrogant and Obnoxious Visitors To The East End

Spencer Cain

screen shot 2013 07 08 at 12 46 15 Hamptons Douche Spotter Exposes Arrogant and Obnoxious Visitors To The East End
If you’re heading out to the Hamptons this summer at all, make sure to keep your behavior under control—because someone is watching. While it used to be that you had to be famous to be called out for your bad attitude (think of all the Page Six scandals that happen over the summer), a new website called Douche Spotter is making scrutiny open to all visitors of the swanky beach destination.
Douche Spotter, which started as a Facebook group this past weekend, has already achieved considerable success. Essentially, it’s a forum where residents of the Hamptons discuss obnoxious behaviors of weekend visitors that they witness. According to Betabeat, some examples of postings so far include a woman allowing her tiny dog to sit in a high chair at a restaurant, two men taking up four seats on a packed train and loudly gossiping about their high banker salaries, and a slew of other offenses like horrible parking jobs.
Now, Douche Spotter is expanding into a full-fledged website, YouTube, and Twitter powerhouse that is sure to be the sleeper hit of the summer. The founder, a Hamptons resident named James Cuomo, stated that the idea came to him naturally—at a Starbucks. “This guy just cuts in front of everybody thinking he was hot shit, so I took a picture of him,” he said. “I thought, yeah, calling him out would be nice and then laughing at him. But what if I got a bunch of people to laugh along with me? So I started the group.”
So basically, heed our warnings—and keep it classy out east this summer, because you never know who’s watching with their iPhone (or worse: video camera) ready to go!
What do you think? Is this hilarious, or just plain mean?

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