Halsey’s Boob Popped Out & Broke Her Nail in a Relatable Wardrobe Malfunction

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Governors Ball.

Wardrobe malfunctions are NBD. When you’re a singer like Halsey, performing on stage and running around at a mile a minute, an occasional boob slip is bound to happen. So, naturally, that moment came on Thursday when the 23-year-old singer was performing in front of thousands of fans and her boob fell out of her shirt. Then a fan broke her nail. Talk about a day.

The “Bad at Love” singer was performing Providence, Rhode Island’s Bold Point Pavilion, as part of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour, when the wardrobe malfunction happened. However, Halsey wasn’t one to cry over spilled boobs, as she later took to her Twitter to joke about the moment and tell her fans that they got their money’s worth. “Sorry my boobs came out of my shirt tonight I’m gonna fix it 🙃 but also ur welcome I guess u got ur money’s worth lmao,” Halsey tweeted.

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What was a little more traumatizing for the “Him & I” singer, however, was when an audience member broke one of her manicured nails while holding her hand. A video of the moment showed Halsey up close and personal with her fans, shaking and holding their hands, when one fan grips her fingers too closely and causes one of her bright orange nail to break off.

The video continues with Halsey mouthing “Oh my god!” and looking down at her broken nails before laughing and continuing with her song. The singer later confirmed the broken nail story with a retweet of the moment she learned that she only had nine orange nails instead of 10. “LMAO SOMEONE BROKE MY NAIL,” she tweeted.

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From what we can tell, a broken nail and exposed boob are nothing for Halsey. Halsey: 1. Wardrobe malfunctions: 0.