OK, Halsey Wearing a Sparkly Tuxedo Has Suddenly Solved Every Problem I’ve Ever Had

Maggie Griswold
OK, Halsey Wearing a Sparkly Tuxedo Has Suddenly Solved Every Problem I’ve Ever Had
Photo: Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock.

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Every night, I hope and pray for jaw-dropping red carpet fashion moments. It might sound dramatic (Let me live.), but I gain so much style inspiration from seeing what the stars wear to movie premieres, award events and the like. On Thursday night, Halsey was honored at the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and her red carpet ensemble might have just solved every problem I’ve ever had. My skin has never been clearer, suddenly all my student loans are paid and I feel like I just ate a huge bowl of kale or something. This outfit is truly a dream, and suddenly I’m seeing stars.

Halsey legitimately stepped out onto this red carpet in a glittery, sparkly, oh-so-chic tuxedo look. I’m not sure whether she’s about to ‘wow’ me with some magic or start serenading me from a piano. The entire ensemble was Vegas show meets successful magician, and I’m here for it, baby. Though I doubt she could fit a pack of playing cards in her sleek black pants (They are very tight, y’all.), I wouldn’t be surprised if Halsey was whispering to the photographers, “Pick a card. Any card.” Of course, I don’t mean this to sound like Halsey looked like a cheesy magician. Think more along the lines of Siegfried and Roy and less that-one-magician-who-performed-at-your-little-cousin’s-birthday. It’s a look and a half.

Halsey Songwriters Hall of Fame

Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock.

The glitz, the glamour, the sparkle—Halsey really did that at the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The singer was inducted into the hall of fame’s class of 2019, as well as given the Hal David Starlight Award, which is in recognition of young talent. With an outfit this incredible and an induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (plus an award!), Halsey was having a bomb ass night. I’ll be living vicariously through all the red carpet photos for the rest of my life, thanks, bye.