The Lyrics For “SUGA’s Interlude” With Halsey Reveal The Truth About BTS’ K-Pop Experience

Halsey & SUGA
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We love #NewMusicFriday’s because sometimes we’re surprised with singles we weren’t expecting to hear until an album dropped. This Friday is no different, with a new collaboration by our favorite Brooklyn darling and K-pop group out today, Dec. 6. Already, Halsey and BTS’ “SUGA’s Interlude” lyrics and their meaning are being interpreted by the ARMY, and we have to say, the response has been wild. Suga did not hold back on this track, and it has provided a real window into the experiences of BTS, and Min Yoongi (Suga’s given name) personally, as they’ve risen in international prominence.

We were expecting this collaboration, but that doesn’t mean we had any ideas about its meaning. Just earlier this week, Halsey released a tracklist teaser with the song title “SUGA’s Interlude” on full display. So there was no secret then, after months of speculation that Halsey and BTS would collaborate again, that it was going to happen. The only question remained: When?

While Halsey’s forthcoming album, Manic, won’t be out until Jan. 17, 2020, we weren’t told whether we could expect to see her track with Suga released any earlier. Lucky for us, Halsey decided to drop the song as part of a two-track release alongside “Finally // beautiful stranger,” which is also out today. But while we wait on supporting the rest of the album, the ARMY has taken a deep dive into this track—thanks to them, we have translations and interpretations of Suga’s Korean verses to share. Here are some of the most striking interpretations of “SUGA’s Interlude,” with preliminary translations by Twitter User @doyou_bangtan:

“I live out my days with the parallel belief that dreams are in fact better when just kept as dreams.”

The ARMY was quick to realize that the song credits listed for “SUGA’s Interlude” look a little different than usual. Instead of listing himself as “SUGA” for lyrics and production, Min Yoongi takes off the mask of his BTS persona and gives his personal identity the opportunity to shine—even if it means hitting us with the heartwrenching worries and doubts of stardom. During his verse, Yoongi expresses the weight of living out his dreams as an artist now, ultimately questioning whether it was all really worth it.

“Don’t forget the stars you longed for only rise in the darkness.”

In an inspiring turn on the track, Yoongi doesn’t sit in his despair. Instead, he propels us all to look at the bright side: stars are only visible in the dark, a lifelong metaphor for the idea of having to suffer through “dark” times before emerging as a bright and shining individual.

“Is it even right? It’s honestly different to the future I had hoped for.”

This Daegu rapper can’t help but admit the truth on his interlude. While he’s not certain he’s made the right choices, he does know one thing: He never could’ve imagined the life he lives as a member of BTS today. There are so many ways to read this last highlighted line. While saying “It’s honestly different to the future I had hoped for” may have a negative connotation, it is possible that “different” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Yoongi may have hoped for a life even simpler than his current one; but that doesn’t mean the path he’s taken was a mistake. Sometimes, you get exactly the thing you didn’t hope for. And like the last lyric suggests, that may be the only way to grow.