Get Your Spooky Season Tarot Reading With These Novelty Halloween Decks

Mia Maguire
Get Your Spooky Season Tarot Reading With These Novelty Halloween Decks
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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Astrology, healing crystals, and tarot card readings are just a few new-age-y practices that are suitable year-round, but in the spirit of the start of fall this week—and of course, the upcoming Halloween holiday, what better time to refresh your current set-up with some seasonal iterations of the classics? Novelty tarot cards and decks offer the same function as conventional versions, only they’re updated with theme-focussed illustrations. Halloween tarot cards are no exception, and the spooky spin-offs of the classic style could literally not be a more fun way to celebrate than with this age-old metaphysical practice.

While getting your reading done by a professional in person is always a solid choice (and a fun experience to do with friends on Halloween), this year, most of us will be celebrating the holiday of horror indoors and socially-distanced, so investing in your own deck and doing the reading DIY style is really the only option.

Whether you’re a bonafide expert at tarot reading and on the hunt for some festive novelty decks to add to your collection or you’re just obsessed with Halloween and looking for a fresh and pandemic-safe activity to do during the scary season—or just the remainder of this straight-up scary year, if we’re being honest—these Halloween-themed tarot cards are not only fun but also a great way to practice some self-reflection. Besides, if you’re looking to go all out with Halloween decor this year to fill the void of not being able to go out dressed up in costume, these spooky spreads look great displayed on your coffee table.

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ghoulish garb tarot deck amazon

Courtesy of The Ghoulish Garb.

This ghoulish Halloween-themed Major Arcana tarot deck set also comes with a guidebook and a special keepsake box for storage and festive display.

US Game system halloween tarot cards

Courtesy of U.S. Games Systems.

Imbued with a lighthearted and Halloween themed approach to traditional tarot perspectives, this 78-piece card deck and book comes with everything you need for a spooky session.

The halloween oracle tarot deck

Courtesy of Blue Angel.

Chock full of playful illustrations of black cats, witches, and plenty of pumpkins, this Halloween oracle card set is the perfect way to get into the spooky holiday spirit while also learning a bit more about yourself.

Halloween printables tarot cards

Courtesy of Halloween Printable/Etsy.

Each card in this super affordable printable deck of tarot cards is emblazoned with Halloween motifs, including ghouls, black cats, and bats—each of which symbolizes a different meaning during your reading.

Rachel JPG wenches tarot deck

Courtesy of Rachel JPG/Etsy.

From Stevie Nicks to Joan of Arc, this witch-themed tarot deck pays homage to some of the coolest wenches (and women) from pop culture history.