Would You Rather: Halloween-Inspired Fine Jewelry Edition

Meghan Blalock

halloween jewelry

Around here, we’re endlessly talking about all the bags, the shoes, and other luxury delights we’d buy if we had an unlimited budget (ah, the dream!). So, we decided to take that idea and make it into a fun fashion game for you, our readers, in which we ask: Would you rather buy one designer item over the other, and if so, which one? Read on to get started!

The Contenders: With Halloween just two days away, we had a sudden craving for spooky, avant-garde fine jewelry. Luckily there’s no shortage! In one corner, we’ve got jewelry designer Sara Beltran’s handmade 18k pink gold tiara collar with 15 petite shark teeth featuring inset diamonds. In the opposing corner: a silver skeleton hand bracelet-ring combo by Delfina Delettrez featuring 422 tiny diamonds and an 11-carat Cabocon ruby.

The Prices: Considering that both of these pieces are hand-crafted pieces of jewelry made from high-end metals and gemstones, it’s no surprise that they are exorbitantly pricey. (But that’s not going to stop us from dreaming about them just as much!) Beltran’s shark tooth collar can be yours for $27,000 at Barneys New York; Delettrez’s skeleton creation runs for $25,553 on Luis Avia Roma. They cost more than a car, but they’re much prettier than one too.

So, which would you rather have? Vote below!