30 Genius Halloween Decoration Ideas From Pinterest

Kristen Bousquet

Halloween is just around the corner, so—if you’re someone who digs the holiday—you’re probably already planning your costume. However, even if you’re not into dressing up, a halloween party can still be a fun excuse to get your friends together. Luckily, with websites like Pinterest, finding Halloween decoration ideas that are cool, not tacky, is a breeze.

Photo: P.S. XO

Photo: P.S. XO

1. Don’t want to scour stores for the perfect Halloween decorations? Order ready-to-set-up items here!

2. Make these easy-to-make Halloween graveyard treats for a Halloween party.

3. Put a water balloon with a glow stick inside a stocking and hang from trees or your ceiling.

Photo: Unoriginal Mom

Photo: Unoriginal Mom

4. Customize your pumpkin with a blinged-out monogram like this.

5. Halloween-ify your wine glasses by making these spooky DIY drop glasses.

6. Drill small holes in your pumpkin rather than carving for a simple, clean decorated pumpkin.

Photo: Hott Mama in the City

Photo: Hott Mama in the City

7. Make some adult-friendly snacks with rice krispie treats like these yummy desserts.

8. Make “bloody” Shirley Temples with fake syringes.

9. Welcome trick-or-treaters into your home a spooky doormat.

Photo: BHG

Photo: BHG

10. Carry the beautiful golden theme in your home to your Halloween decorations by decorating your pumpkins gold.

11. If you don’t want to change your decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving, incorporate a little Thanksgiving into your October decorations.

12. For a cute spot to hang with your friends and family during the Halloween season, decorate with plaid blankets and fall colors.

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Photo: Pear Tree Greetings

13. Send some adorable family greeting cards likes these to your family.

14. Inviting friends over for a Halloween dinner? Decorate your table like this.

15. For the cat lover in your family, make these adorable no-carve pumpkins.

Photo: Good Housekeeping

Photo: Good Housekeeping

16. Keep Halloween professional and sophisticated with this beautiful fall flower arrangement.

17. Having a Halloween bash? Make some adorable invitations like these.

18. Make “Vampire Dream” cocktails for the adult crowd at your party.

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Photo: HGTV

19. If you’re all about sparkles, why not glitter your pumpkin?

20. For the easiest way to become a mermaid this Halloween, check out this makeup tutorial.

21. Get crafty and turn those mason jars you have sitting around into a Halloween art piece.

Photo: Pinterest/Debbie Ellison

Photo: Pinterest/Debbie Ellison

22. Turn your pumpkin into a cooler for drinks during a Halloween party.

23. If you’re trying to stay healthy during this festive holiday, use carrots and dip to create this pumpkin centerpiece.

24. Have a pumpkin carving party. Here’s some inspiration.

26. Use the Ouija board as inspiration for an invite to a Halloween bash.

27. For an easy Halloween costume you and your man can put together in 10 minutes, be robbers!

Photo: Live Love Be Well

Photo: Live Love Be Well

28.Keep things classy in your home during Halloween by simply decorating for the holiday like this home did.

29. You can still have candy when you’re an adult! How about soaking your gummy bears in alcohol?

30. Give your shot glasses a spooky touch.